Saturday, 5 November 2011

Labour Pains?

Man oh man does this baby hate me today, or what?
A few hours ago if you'd asked me when he was coming I'd have said today... without a doubt. It has been a very uncomfortable Saturday to say the least. The discomfort has gone from my normal pelvis pain to cramp to what feels like contractions in my lower abdomen to dull (very annoying) back pain. It's been the kind that I can't suffer in silence. As I type this I few it's making a comeback. I've been glued to my hot water bottle, took a hot bath and had to resort to pain killers (don't worry, only paracetamol).
My biggest worry is that I haven't packed my hospital bag yet... so what am I doing wasting my time blogging, right? Now the pain and discomfort has subsided I'm feeling more like it was just braxton hicks but it doesn't hurt to be prepared so before I go to bed I'll probably put something together.. just in case.
I'm just not ready yet. It's only 10 days as it is but I need those 10 days!!!

Miss BB

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