Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cravings so far...

  • Pepperami
  • Sour Sweets
  • Water, Water and more Water
  • "Comfort Food" (Mashed Potato/Pasta etc)
  • Seafood

Looking at my list it looks a lot healthier than my list of cravings when I was carrying Ella. I am a big fan of fizzy drinks and junk food and although I still eat junk from time to time it's not what my body is telling me it wants. I've never wanted fish so much ever, I've always loved seafood but never craved it this much. With a week off a head of us we are planning a day trip to the seaside to fullfill my need for fresh cockles on the coast. I am lucky enough to have a mother that makes a bug family Sunday dinner every week and since I've been pregnant I have been able to request what ever it is I fancy that week. This week it will be cottage pie!
Look what she made last week! YUM!
Water-wise I can't believe how much I'm drinking. I've never been a big water drinker (naughty I know) but I have a bottle of water now wherever I go and am filling it up contantly. Hopefully it's flushing out any toxins in my skin as well as doing my body some good because these pregnancy hormones are causing some very annoying breakouts right now. Pepperami really just symbolises tasty food.. anything that has an extreme taste to it.. I ate so much bland rubbish in my first trimester trying not to be sick that I just want to taste something good again. It delivers just the right hit of saltiness too.. I hear that's a common craving. Sour sweets I think work much the same way. I don't sit and eat sweets... a bag could last me a week but now I've discovered THE most amazing sour sweets I could probably just keep eating them until I am sick.

Chewits Extreme - Sour Apple... *drool*
Lee is buying these for me in BULK I eat so many.. and I tried a lot of stuff to find something that was sour enough.. truth be told these aren't eye-wateringly sour but they are just so damn good. I mentioned them in a recently youtube video and had a lot of helpful comments on other sour sweets I should try that are so good they'll make your jaw hurt so I might be back on here raving about something new soon.
So they are my cravings right now as I start my second trimester. I wish I'd done this with Ella.. I wish I'd known about the whole blogging community, I would have had so much fun with it and I would remember so much more but hey ho! I'm doing it now... and it's fun! 

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  1. i've been looking for these sweets since you mentioned them but i can't find them anywhere... im a massive sweet eater, i'm addicted to pick'n'mix lol


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