About MissBudgetBaby

Beauty blogging mother of two

This blog chronicles my struggles to conceive my second child all the way up to bringing up baby.
I started this blog as I found it cathartic to write down how I was feeling... especially when it was looking less likely I would ever become pregnant again. I also have a vlog channel on YouTube where I recorded regular updates... highs and lows. I wanted to keep all this baby stuff separate from my relatively popular beauty blog/YouTube but I hope that I have at least a handful of readers here and that some of what I've written can help someone experiencing similar difficulties. 

I intend to keep blogging here about Milos development and general family life so stick with me...
You never know, it might get interesting!

Baby Milo, Born 15th November 2011, 6lbs, 15oz


  1. I just found your vlogs and ur kids are cute and I think you are a really amazing person and I wish I could have a life whit u cause ur awesome and pretty and smart and funny lol :) oh and i am the first person to leave a comment on here whoohoooo!!!! lol

  2. I've only just come across this blog along with your other one on beauty. Love them both! Have added you to my following list :)
    I also have a blog and am a fellow mummy of two, Olivia & Miley so would really appreciate it if you could take a look at mine sometime. It might not be your thing but I welcome any comments :)
    thank you xx

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