Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pink or Blue?

Ok It's happened.. I'm officially excited!
Tomorrow is the day of our scan and boy oh boy (or girl) am I looking forward to it.
FINALLY we get to find out what we're having. I have the names picked out all ready and waiting so from tomorrow it will be a real person we're waiting to meet. For those wondering the chosen names are Dylan and Lexi (it will be either Alexa or Alexis). Once we know either way I'll get more in to that but they're fairly decided now I think.. near enough definite.. but you do never know til it's born do you?

Ella is crazy excited too.. every morning she comes to see me "2 more sleeps Mummy" she can't wait. She's told me she wants a girl, she's told me she wants a boy and now she tells me there's no point in talking about "we'll get what we're given" haha! Wise words! It's going to be so cool taking her with us to see the baby on screen. Since the last scan when I decided she could come to this one she has been counting down the days so it's a really big deal for her little 5 year old self let alone us grown up's. My Mum is coming with us too.. partly to look after Ella if she does get bored and when I have my consultant appt afterwards but also because she's uber-excited too and wants to see it. At Ella's scan my Mum came along and if it hadn't been for her I'd never have known if it was a boy or a girl.. I was 19, they did the scan and just never said anything and I was so young I wasn't going to speak up so she did and we found out she was a she.
This has been the point I've been waiting for, the thing that I knew would get me more excited and it's finally nearly here!!! The baby has been so active too, I'm still waiting on the movements being consistent and large enough for Lee to feel but feeling him or her move around inside me is pretty darn special I can tell you.. I don't remember how I felt the first time but somehow this time it's different. I've been less excited up until this point but now it feels almost better. It's probably just because this was planned and so wanted for so long. It's taken me a while to truly believe it's happening and now I've wrapped my head around it .. yep.. I'm excited!!!

So.. I will do my best to get some footage tomorrow like last time but we'll just have to see.. we were lucky so fingers crossed! Either way I will vlog and blog and you will all know the result as soon as I do :)


  1. I have a Dylan, fab name :) :) Im predicting boy. Cant wait to see what your having x x

  2. good luck :D i think it will be a boy lol


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