Friday, 30 December 2011

How I Healed

Day One

You can see my post on the birth here. Even within half an hour of the surgery I started to regain some feeling in my incision. It was a little tingly and the midwife topped me up with pain relief. My catheter leaked so I had to have it removed and go to the toilet myself earlier than I'd anticipated. Standing left me feeling sick and light-headed, it hurt to stand, it hurt to walk but if I lay down I felt relief.

Day Two

The second day was possibly the worst. The pain relief was Diclofenac (or Voltarol) which is more anti-inflammatory than pain killer so it took time for that to start working. I was taking Paracetamol along with it and Oral Morphine as and when the pain got too much. I didn't take as much as I could have and that definitely contributed to this being the worst day. Sometimes you don't know you need it until you need to move and by that time it's too late.

Day Three

We were discharged from hospital after two nights so the second half of day three was at home. I hadn't realised that Dicolfenac was not a strong pain killer so I wasn't taking my Paracetamol. I've always kind of thought Paracetamol didn't do anything for me so I assumed it wouldn't make a difference if I skipped it.. I was wrong! I slept propped up on the sofa downstairs to avoid having to get out of bed and using my stomach muscles.

Day Four

Sleeping on the sofa.. not a good idea! Today my back may have been the most painful thing.. which at least distracted me from my incision. My milk also came in today so now I have nowhere comfortable to hold Milo.

Day Five

Feels like I've turned a corner pain-wise today. I'm much more comfortable getting up from the sofa and have just about got the knack of getting out of bed now. I roll on to my side and push myself up.. I'm catching my stomach muscles less and less. I laughed this evening and it hurt so much I cried. If I can avoid straining my stomach it's really not that bad.

Day Six

Went to my parents for Sunday Lunch. The car ride was 100% more comfortable than the ride home from the hospital. I felt no pain going over bumps in the road, I was more nervous than anything. I felt able to walk up and down stairs, my back ache came in around 2pm and at night I was pretty bad. I think I over did it.

Day Seven

I am feeling fine during the day and moving around comfortably but at night time I feel totally different. From 5pm onward I want to lie down. I sneezed and forgot myself so didn't hold my incision. Most painful thing I've done so far! I had to check to make sure I was still intact. All was fine but boy that hurt!

Day Eight

Today I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm feeling good during the day.. I can't stand for too long but I'm pretty comfortable and at night I still feel good. I got up in the night with Milo and felt fine. That's the first time, usually getting up in the night is the worst as I'm stiff from being immobile in my sleep. I really feel just so much better today.

Day Nine

Today my tummy is really tender above my incision. I can only think that's the internal bruising. the bruising around my incision site is really bad so I can't imagine what it's like on the inside. We went out shopping and I wasn't too uncomfortable. I was achey from walking for a long time but didn't take any pain relief until bedtime. - Shaved my legs in the shower today. Can't believe I was able to already!

Day Ten

We went to register Milo's birth and to the hospital for his hearing test and then to the supermarket. Everything is easier now. I can use my tummy muscles a little, I don't have that stinging, burning sensation when I catch them and getting out of bed is a breeze compared to a few days ago. I'm still bleeding but it feels like that's coming to an end too. I'm starting to feel like myself again.

Day Eleven

My tummy is still sore but not really around the incision site so I think it's internal. Feels like I've been kicked repeatedly in the stomach. Not pleasant but still 100x better than I thought I'd feel 2 weeks on. I can get in and out of bed and move around easily and was up with Milo every time he woke in the night without needing help so was able to give Lee a decent nights sleep.

Day Twelve

I'm starting to get some pain back around my incision site. I'm not sure if I've been overdoing it or perhaps I'm regaining some feeling where before I was numb. I've been laughing A LOT which may sound like a good thing but effectively I'm hammering my wound from the inside and I can't see if that's doing any damage which is scary but I'm nervous that may be why I'm feeling it again.

Day Thirteen

Still sore but not so much I can't get around. Took Ella to school and picked her up with Milo by myself today. Torrential downpour didn't help! I thought I'd stopped bleeding but it's back and worse than when I left the hospital. I don't know if that's normal or if it's related to feeling my incision again but it's worrying me a little.On the plus side by scar is looking really good. Already better than my first, it's amazing.

Day Fourteen

My skin on my tummy is still tender but it feels like it's getting better. My incision is still sore, worst on the left side which is where it hurt most after the operation. I can comfortably hold my incision and it feels good to support it. I haven't laid on my front yet (scared) but I lay on my side and it feels better when I lay on the left which again I think is about support. Fingers crossed I'm still on track and healing.

Day Fifteen

Inside pains seem to be improving as does the skin tenderness. It's definitely helping to rest. I'm pretty sure I overdid it when I started to feel better so an FYI for all of you reading this for info before your C-Section.. you need to keep resting as long as you can.. If you do too much too soon you will slow down the healing process. Milk has nearly stopped and bleeding is still going strong :(

Day Nineteen

Last night we went out for dinner while Milo was with my Mum. I was feeling good for the most part but I'm definitely not ready for heels yet. I'm not sure why but it really seemed to put strain on my tummy walking in heels. That and the shivering (it was freezing) you wouldn't believe how much that hurt.. it's basically loads of involuntary muscle spasms... not pleasant. All in all.. I'm not doing well taking it easy.

Day Twenty One

My lower tummy is still uber tender and sensitive. It hurts even for soft material to brush over it. It must be really bruised under the skin is all I can think it is. I did manage to have a bath today and finally get all my steri-strips off. Neither hurt, I was worried about nothing. Starting to look a bit more like me. My scar is already 100% better than my first which is incredible and I think the bleeding might be stopping.

Day Twenty Three

I've been a bit stupid today, I may or may not have moved a heavy sofa and a bed... on my own. I moved them all the way out of the house.. not smart! I've been feeling fine and even since then I don't feel like I've done any damage or anything but when I got out of the bath I noticed a teeny tiny bit of white goo on the right side of my scar. It wiped away with a cotton bud and doesn't seem to be oozing or anything so I'm not sure.. it may just have been the remnants of a scab..either way it spooked me.. it's only 3 weeks since I had major abdominal surgery.. why can't I just rest like a normal person? In other news.. still heavy bleeding and skins still sore, dry and flakey. I only noticed the gunk because I was oiling my tummy.

Day Twenty Five

No more gunk so I'm assuming what I saw was a healing scab after all. My tummy is still very sore but not my incision. It's just above it and below my belly button, I've read online it may be that I'm regaining feeling there were it was previously numb because the nerves are cut. That and the still very heavy bleeding are the two things I can't wait to get better. No internal/scar site pain at all at the moment.

Day Twenty Eight

My tummy has shrunk considerably.. I can near enough suck it all in now so my uterus must be almost back to its original size (they say 6 weeks) Bleeding is now what I'd consider "normal" for a monthly bleed so it may be coming to an end.. thank god! Skin is still tender but I think  it's improving.. hard to measure. When I sneeze the left size of my scar has started to sting again.. not sure if that's good or bad but I'm trying not to sneeze. Otherwise feeling good.

Day Thirty Two

The bleeding has FINALLY stopped. The burning pain I had got back on the left side of my scar has gone completely now. My tummy is still sore to put pressure but my tender skin is feeling 50% better. My line nigra seems to have started fading too, I was getting concerned it might be permanent

Day Thirty Five

Bleeding again.. awesome! I'm hoping this is a monthly bleed now.. we'll see in a few days. On the right side of my scar I have a dent (really hard to describe) I've looked online for a similar picture but can't find anything so I may have to put one up if it stays as it is. One side is fairly smooth and the other looks like I have a wedge of tummy above my scar. Very weird! It's reduced A LOT  over the last couple of weeks so I'm hoping it's still swollen and will go away but I never had anything like it the first time.

Day Thirty Eight

Bleeding stopped again so I'm assuming it was aunt flow after all. I can't see any drastic improvements happening now, I think it's all just going to gradually get better over the next few months. I have no major complaints anymore I'm just generally still a bit sore but as Lee keeps reminding me it was only 6 weeks ago I had surgery.. it's normal to not feel 100% yet.. just frustrating. Because my scar looks to well already it feels like I should feel as well but there's so much going on inside that I can't see I really have no idea how close to healed I am right now. I just hope I'm back to normal for our VegasVacation in March.

I'm going to leave my How I Healed "journal" there. I hope it helps someone who's recently had or waiting for a section and interested in the stages of recovery. I looked all over for something like this when I was panicking before the operation and even since then when looking up symptoms but found nothing similar so I hope it will be of use to someone else looking for the same.

Miss BB

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

6 Weeks Old

So Milo has reflux. He visited the Doctor and was diagnosed last week. He went from being the perfect baby and sleeping all the time, feeding well, just generally better than I could have hoped for to... well.. not.  I'm glad he seems to be improving thanks to the various changes we've made and medications he's now taking but it's not the easy time he was promising when he was first born. I knew it couldn't last but deep down I really hoped it would.. I thought I'd earned a good baby after Ella was such hard work.. but no. It's really tough between Lee and I because we both have different ideas of how to deal with a baby that cries all the time and we're both tired but we're doing well to avoid conflict so far. The worst thing that could happen right now would be for us to be fighting. I can see how this kind of thing can cause problems in a relationship but I am confident we will stay strong and support each other as best we can. Communication is key!
I haven't visited the clinic to have him weighed since the midwife weighed him at 2 weeks but I weighed myself with and without him at the weekend and deduced his weight is now approx 12lbs.. 
little chunk!

Miss BB

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas From Milo

Can you even believe it's Christmas Eve??? Tomorrow will be my little boys first Christmas! Ella is understandably excited for Santa's visit and I for one can't wait to see what he brings them ;)
Last night they stayed away for the first time together at my parents house while we went out with friends for a meal and drinks. Milo has been so colicky recently I really needed a full nights sleep. I have been filming daily vlogs throughout december and was shocked to see how tired I look. I definitely needed to catch up on some beauty sleep. I've also seen Milo deteriorate to the point where he was diagnosed with reflux.. I'll blog about that in his 6 week update post on Tuesday! For now I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Milo and our whole gang. Already excited for New Years!

Miss BB

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

4 Weeks Old

Can you believe my little  Milo bear is 4 weeks old today? I can't believe it's already  been a month yet can't believe a month ago he wasn't here. He's growing so fast (too fast) filling out his little suits and getting stronger all the time. He's more alert now and awake for longer periods of the day. He's discovered her doesn't have to be perfect and has a little cry every now and then. Still doesn't like bath time but doesn't mind so much being changed anymore. He's slept a couple of times 6hours+ through the night but it's not a regular occurrence - appreciated when it happens though. It's just 2 weeks 'til Christmas and I'm so pleased to be able to celebrate it with our new little man. This time last year we had almost given up hope of conceiving him so he's really the best gift we could have asked for.

Miss BB

Friday, 9 December 2011

Little Sucker

When he's hungry Milo will suck on anything... even my nose!

Miss BB

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How To Look After Your Baby...

I saw these funny baby "instructions" on The Reluctant Mom and had to share them with you...

Miss BB

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

3 Weeks Old

My baby boy is 3 weeks old today! It's been a LONG day of fussiness so this is a short post before bed but I'll film a video update tomorrow...

Miss BB

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Grabby McGrabberson

That's my boy! Always Sleeping for Mummy!
He needs his rest as he's developing so quickly. A couple of days ago he started grabbing at things for the first time. He got the little ribbony loop thing inside my top, you know the one you use to hang things up? He's since discovered my hair... likes to give that a good tug. Rest assured I shall not be wearing earrings around him for a while.. ouch! Another little development milestone is that he follows us with his eyes now. He rarely focused on us before but now he can really look and turns his head if we move side to side. He's more alert every day and is awake for longer periods which is lovely. He's already growing so fast, I wish he could just stay tiny forever but I'll settle for him being the best behaved baby boy while he is still small. He will lay in his cot and just look around the room, I've never known a baby so content.
Fingers crossed he's just a really good baby and this isn't a passing phase.

In case you missed it here's his 2 week update that went live this week...

Miss BB

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

2 Weeks Old

Milo was actually 2 weeks old yesterday but I'm only getting around to posting now. The midwife and the health visitor came over and he was weighed again. At birth he was 6lbs 15oz, babies generally lose weight in their first week but not Milo, last week he was 7lbs 2oz and this week he is 7lbs 11oz. He still seems so tiny so I can't believe he is growing so fast! He's a very hungry baby and he's still sleeping really well. He's spending more time awake during the day but he's happy to lay in his cot while I get the housework done. I'm making the most of it as I know he's not going to stay like this forever but he's just the prefect baby right now.

Miss BB

Monday, 28 November 2011

An Official Baby

As of Friday 25th November my baby is official. He was registered Milo McDaid.
We haven't had any particularly negative reactions to his name but I know not everyone's keen. Naming a child is a huge responsibility and I hope when he's older he doesn't really dislike it. Either way I love it and there's no going back now!

Miss BB

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Birth Day

On Tuesday 15th November 2011 my son Milo was born.
I had planned an elective cesarean because my first birth was an emergency one and this time they allowed me the choice. Because it was planned I had to fast from midnight the previous day in case there were complications and they felt it necessary to put me to sleep. I woke up at 6am on 15th and took an antacid as instructed. We got ourselves ready and our taxi arrived at 7. By 7.30 I had been admitted and we were making ourselves comfortable on the ward. We were put in a 4 bed with 2 other women who had their babies already. We were assigned a midwife who came in to introduce herself and gave us a rundown of what we could expect.  She told us she wasn't sure if we'd be first in or not yet but that we would be going down to theatre at either 8.30 or 10.30. I was scared but excited at this stage, it could all happen so quickly, very surreal.

The consultant arrived and told us we were first in and she was expecting it all to start at around 9am. She again ran through what I should expect, the anaesthetists also visited to introduce themselves. Bizarrely they got me mixed up with another expectant mum who was just 13.. funny story.. I guess I should be flattered. The midwife returned and gave me my gown and TED stockings (to prevent blood clots), she said to get ready and get out baby's first outfit to take down to theatre with me. It all seemed to be moving along really quickly and if it had stayed on course I think the whole day would have been better but unfortunately several emergencies came up and I didn't actually get called in to theatre until 3pm. I hadn't eaten and was pretty miserable by this stage, not to mention I'd had 6 hours to really freak myself out about having major surgery. The midwife came to get us, I brought my own pillow and walked to theatre. It was the single most scary experience of my life. I was not excited in the slightest, I couldn't be enthusiastic to meet my baby I was terrified. Lee was sent off to get his scrubs on and I was walked in to the anaesthetists room to have my Spinal Block. I was holding back tears and trying to lighten the mood. The staff were really friendly and helped keep my spirits up, I didn't cry. The worst part was having the cannula in my hand for the drip, that really stung. I had to sit up and hunch over to have the spinal administered. First they put in a local anaesthetic so I'd be numb, that wasn't pleasant but not too bad. Next  they had to have someone hold me in case I fell as they put in the block. It's almost instant so if you're leaning forward off a bed there's a good chance your legs could give way. I felt pressure in my back and a pushing they turned me and lay me down and I could feel a warm sensation moving down my legs almost immediately. They waited a while and did several tests with a cold spray to make sure I was numb. The oddest thing is you can feel everything but you don't feel pain. 

They wheeled me in to theatre which to my surprise was just another room, no harsh metal walls or anything scary looking at all.. just a room with some overhead lights set up. They got me in position and then brought Lee back in. By this point I was feeling okay, I was more worried that he would worry so reassured him I couldn't feel any pain but explained the strange sensation of still feeling the movements. They told me I wouldn't be able to tell when they started but I could, I was constantly talking to distract myself as they pushed and pulled me around. I felt a huge push on my tummy which I knew was them pushing him out and then a sucking noise like at the dentist. I've watched hundreds of birth programs and knew that was my waters which meant he was almost here. All of a sudden I felt a huge weight lift from me, seconds later he popped up over the curtain. I was so totally overwhelmed. I hadn't been able to see past the operation and hadn't prepared myself for the actual baby being born part so when he arrived it was just... huge. I didn't cry but I just felt so happy. I'd had an oxygen mask on for the operation up until then and they removed it then and gave the baby to Lee. He looked so happy and was laughing at the faces baby was pulling. He looked all pouty and mad to have been pulled out unexpectedly. It took a while to stitch me up and as they were finishing they sent Lee and baby to recovery to wait for me. He had fed him (15mls) while they waited and he dressed him before we went back to the ward. I held him and it was a totally different experience from my first birth, I felt a bond with him straight away. The sensation was coming back in my incision site while in recovery which made me nervous but it wasn't too painful. I couldn't have pain relief for 2 hours as I'd have had to have been monitored and been given oxygen so I decided to wait as it wasn't unbearable at that stage so it seemed unnecessary. 

Lee called my Mum and Ella as soon as we were back on the ward as they'd been waiting all day for news. They came to visit straight away and were soon joined by my Dad and my brother. Everybody loved him (obviously) but Ella especially, she wanted to stay with us in hospital. Lee stayed the night and barely slept at all, it was a difficult first night because we were in a shared room and the other babies were fussy so we were awake a lot and I was really sore. All in all it was better than I expected in some ways and worse in others. The operation was a drop in the ocean, nothing to be afraid of just a little nerve wracking, the pain afterwards was worse than I remember. While I was resting it was manageable but I was encouraged to get up and move around early and that was bad, I was light headed and sick. However... I am writing this a week on and I feel 100% better already. It happened almost overnight so it felt as though I wouldn't feel better for months but really in the grand scheme of things.. it's still not easy now and I'm still sore but one week of discomfort for something so precious.. absolutely worth it!

Miss BB

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hey Boobs! Where'dya Go?

*Disclaimer - These are NOT my boobs! But I would be very happy if there were!*

I woke up today to a bit of a shock... my boobs seem to have disappeared OVERNIGHT! 
I big perk of pregnancy for me was the big boost in the bust department, I definitely enjoyed filling out my clothes that bit better and it made my huge bump less of an inconvenience.. a trade off if you will. Unfortunately as I am not breastfeeding my boobs have shrunk down to nearly their pre-pregnancy size just a week after birth so I still have a pregnant looking tummy but no big boobs to make up for it. I remember the first time around becoming a bit obsessive about this and even going as far as to order pills online that claimed to grow your breasts... needless to say I thought better of it and returned them but still..  the idea was in my mind. I can totally understand why people plump for a boob job at this time in their lives because the difference is so dramatic in such a short space of time.. I almost feel bereft over the loss. I will have to make my peace with it, I may have to treat myself to another Mama Mio Boob Tube to firm up what I have left. The whole situation has left me feeling rather deflated.

Miss BB

One Week Old

Today my little Milo is one week old. You could be forgiven for thinking he'd had a fortnight in the sun from the tan he's sporting but he is still brand new to us. The midwife visited today, she said his jaundice was improving, he's eating really well and he's actually put on weight which is unusual. Ordinarily it takes babies 10 days to return to their birth weight as they usually lose some in the days following their arrival but little Milo has gone from 6lbs 15oz to 7lbs 2oz in his first week so that's great. He had his heel prick blood test done too which was horrible for me to watch but he barely flinched, no tears whatsoever. He is such a good baby, it's almost like he doesn't want to trouble anyone. I can't believe he's been with us for just a week, it feels like he's been here forever. 

Miss BB

Monday, 21 November 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Okay I know I'm biased but my baby boy is just the cutest! You already know that! What you don't know is he is also the worlds best behaved baby. I am in total awe of how good he's been so far, I'm not expecting him to stay this easy but I am really appreciating it while it lasts. He sleeps ALL the time, he wakes for feeds and nappy changes and then goes back to sleep til the next.. I can't quite believe it! He is alert for such a short period during the day that I had to post these pictures of him with his eyes open. When he is awake he just lays happily in his crib or my arms looking around, totally content. He does cry occasionally of course but it's so rare at the moment it's a novelty. It's only really when I'm changing him or he's being impatient for his bottle but it never lasts long and he is easily consoled. As I type this he is gurgling in his crib next to me.. no trouble to anyone... who could ask for more?
He is a little jaundice and that coupled with him arriving a week earlier than he expected are contributing factors to his sleepiness, I think. The midwife visits again tomorrow and I will have to ask if he's improved as it is a little concerning but he feeds well and shows no signs of illness so I'm not overly worried. It's almost as if he's making it easy for me while I heal.. I love him! 

Miss BB

Saturday, 19 November 2011

In't Milk Brilliant?

When you have an elective Cesarean ahead of your due date it's usual to have to wait for your milk to come in. Your body isn't expecting to need milk just yet so it takes a while to catch up with itself. Today Milo is 4 days old and my milk arrived. I'm not planning on breastfeeding (you can see my post about that here) but when the milk is coming it does seem like such a shame to waste it. When the midwife came to visit yesterday she said Milo has a touch of Jaundice so it's important for him to feed every 4 hours (6 at night) and take at least 1oz of formula. When you need to monitor how much your baby is eating I am pleased we are bottle feeding. At first he was not taking much because he was so mucousy (common for c-section babies). He's gone from taking just 15/20mls in hospital to his record feed this morning of 100ml. I would never had known that had I been breastfeeding. He's a hungry little guy but he also sleeps a lot and I can relax (and sleep myself) knowing he's been well fed.

I'm not totally opposed to breastfeeding and I am considering giving it a go as a bonding exercise and supplement the formula feeds but I won't be replacing the bottle altogether. 

Now I must go as he is stirring and it's time for my pain killers (yay) 

Miss BB

Friday, 18 November 2011

48hrs With Milo

20 minutes old, here is in "recovery" after the c-section and before we got back on the ward.

Big sister Ella was very much enamoured of the little guy.

Here she is demonstrating how she could sleep in hospital with me and cuddle him all night.

Grandma was quite taken with him too.

Night time cuddles from Mummy.. still only hours old.. he doesn't look brand new, does he?

Daddy's turn

One day old and POOPED!

Just less than 2 days old and ready to go home.

Slept through his first car journey but was bewildered when he woke up somewhere new.

First bath... not his favourite thing so far

"What was that all about then?"

In his hand-me-down dressing gown from Ella, ready for his first night at home.

He's only been here a minute and I can't remember life without him

Miss BB

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Born on 15th November

I have taken SO many photos already but as we're still in hospital I can only upload from my iPhone. Milo arrived at 3.47pm by elective caesarean on Tuesday 15th November 2011. I will post about the birth in detail later, for now I just wanted to put something up to introduce him to you all. Everything went as planned and we're both doing well, he's a bit sickly as c-section babies tend to be and I am sore, as expected. We will hopefully be coming home tomorrow.

Thank you for all the messages, there were so many I couldn't possibly reply to them all but we're very touched.


Miss BB

Monday, 14 November 2011


He's coming tomorrow. Tomorrow I am having a major abdominal operation. I am very much not ready for this!Everyone is so excited for his arrival and I just can't get there yet. Too Scared. TOO SCARED!! From midnight tonight I am on fast so no food or drink until he's out and I'm back in the ward. It's just 1 hour until then. I doubt I will sleep tonight, TOO SCARED! We've just about packed up for the hospital, I think I have everything I need but who knows.. I'm sure I'll have forgotten something. I've washed all of the baby bedding for when he comes home, His nursery is ready, everything is ready... NOT ME! I've taken a long, hot bath, I've scrubbed within an inch of my life and will shortly be smothering myself in shea body butter and attempting to relax.

Tomorrows post will be filled with joy and, if all goes according to plan, his first baby photo. For now I am in deep denial. I am not going anywhere tomorrow, nothing is going to be pulled out of me and I am not going to have a scary-looking incision to look after and need to be doped up on pain killers for the next few weeks. Nope! Nope Nope Nope!!!  

Miss BB

Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's Only Just Begun

I just edited my "baby break" video to upload to my beauty channel. I'd planned to film an explanatory video to put up on my channel page for while I am too busy with baby things to make new videos. It was almost emotional (maybe it was the music I chose for the background) and I just can't believe it's time to upload it. Tomorrow is my last day as a mother of one. Tuesday Milo will arrive and change our family forever. I am excited and scared and overwhelmed.. No matter when or how a baby comes in to your life I don't think you can ever be prepared for it. My mind is buzzing with so many questions, Will he be ok? Will I be ok? What will he look like? What will happen when we bring him home? How will Ella be around him? At the moment I am still very nervous about the surgery and so some of my baby nerves are being pushes aside but every now and then they force themselves back in and I remember... there's going to be a baby here soon. A baby! It feels like the longest time coming but also that time has zoomed away from me. We waited so long to conceive him that it took me a long time to accept he was really coming so my pregnancy has felt lightening fast. I'm growing uncomfortable and am looking forward to getting my body back but I'm not quite ready to not be pregnant yet. I feel like I've only just begun my pregnancy and it's already over. At first I said absolutely no more, I wanted a second child but not a brood and now I'm not so sure. I have the benefit of many child bearing years still lying ahead of me so I can never say never. As I sit in bed, unable to sleep for braxton hicks and fierce baby movements, it would be very sad to think this is the last time I will feel these things. I am so pleased he is coming in such little time but I will miss him when he's gone from me. 

Miss BB

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I'm Gonna Miss My Bump

It's not really been a hindrance over these last 9 months and as it's grown you could even call is useful! 

I will miss my bump when it's gone!

Miss BB
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