Tuesday, 27 December 2011

6 Weeks Old

So Milo has reflux. He visited the Doctor and was diagnosed last week. He went from being the perfect baby and sleeping all the time, feeding well, just generally better than I could have hoped for to... well.. not.  I'm glad he seems to be improving thanks to the various changes we've made and medications he's now taking but it's not the easy time he was promising when he was first born. I knew it couldn't last but deep down I really hoped it would.. I thought I'd earned a good baby after Ella was such hard work.. but no. It's really tough between Lee and I because we both have different ideas of how to deal with a baby that cries all the time and we're both tired but we're doing well to avoid conflict so far. The worst thing that could happen right now would be for us to be fighting. I can see how this kind of thing can cause problems in a relationship but I am confident we will stay strong and support each other as best we can. Communication is key!
I haven't visited the clinic to have him weighed since the midwife weighed him at 2 weeks but I weighed myself with and without him at the weekend and deduced his weight is now approx 12lbs.. 
little chunk!

Miss BB


  1. Can't believe how much he looks like Lee! So cute!

  2. Babies have a habit of throwing you a loop...you guys will get there.


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