Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Pregnancy Journal

First and foremost, HUGE thanks to Kelly for sending me this beautiful handmade gift.
Here's her blog, things seem to be being updated right now so go and follow and check back for stuff like this...
she's also on twitter

anyway... on witha little look at the book..
I opened up the parcel to find this box..
Inside the book was beautifully wrapped adorned with a handmade tag..
And how cute is that? 
On the front page is another sweet little something.. 

And the rest of the book is mine to record my pregnancy.
It's such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift for which I'm very thankful. 
I will no doubt fill it with the same thoughts and ramblings I publish here to be cherished for years to come. 
I've never seen a pregnancy journal before so it was such a cool thing to receive for me. 
Have any of you had a pregnancy journal? I'm interested to hear from you.

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