Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sickness cure

Now I can't be sure if these cured my nausea or it just went away on its own but it's nice to have a placebo on standby sometimes.

I went to my second midwife appointment on Friday and felt as sick as a parrot. Unfortunately it was blood test day.. I've never been the most generous giver when it comes to parting with my own blood but Friday was the worst EVER. I always try to remain calm to put the medic at ease but it was just terrible. She had several attempts before successfully obtaining 6 vials and it was very painful.. Ouch! Even now 5 days later my arms ache. Anyway... It will be about 7 weeks til I have to do that again, thank god! What did come out of it though was a prescription for cyclizine which has made me feel 100% better just very sleepy. Have any of you tried it before? I'm asleep for 8:30 every night now but still yawn all day haha. I've traded nausea for narcolepsy but it feels like a good swap :)

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