Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bed Browsing...

I've been looking at cots since we started TTC so no surprise I'm fairly prepared now I'm finally "with child".
I knew I wanted white and I knew I wanted a cot bed. White because the nursery has white built in wardrobes and a cot bed because it's just so much more cost effective. When moving baby from a cot to a bed it seems a waste to shell out for a junior bed they'll be in for 18 months. Ella went straight from a cot to a fullsized single but I did have concerns about the height so this time around... COT BED!
I've shopped about, as you do, and found a sweet deal at babies'r'us. To give you an idea of how great a deal this really is, a similar cot from ikea would cost only £10 less and is just a cot... this is really fabulous value.
Of course, in an ideal world I'd have an imposing sleigh style cot and plush furnishings but let's be realistic, I'm not spending more on a cot to be used to 2 years than my own bed!
So this is the current front runner...

Shoreditch Cot bed
Also Available in Natural
for just £99.99

Any great deals you've spotted recently or just have a store you'd like to recommend? Go ahead and leave your comments below!

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