Saturday, 30 April 2011

9 Weeks

We have ourselves a little baby olive this week... Isla Fishers daughter is named Olive... Makes you wonder!

I still havent started my bump photos.. Maybe week 10. I'll so regret not doing it if I dont start. I loved creature gorgeous's blog and her little growing bump slideshow in the sidebar so I can't believe I haven't done it yet but I will I will. This week I've really struggled with indigestion and general ill feelings surrounding food. I seem to come over all funny after eating but if I dont eat I feel sick.. How frustrating. So far my cravings are predominantly seafood related!
Until next week..

Boob Tube

I ordered this a while ago and and this week it arrived!
This is the blurb...

Aim North, not South! One of the major body perks of pregnancy are your new and improved boobs. But alas, bountiful as they are, they are not yours forever and it is very important to protect the delicate skin of your bust from the post-baby droop. The skin in your decolleté is similar to the skin around your eyes; thin, fragile and not very elastic. A doubling in cup size can be too much for your skin to cope with without help. You need to nourish and protect this delicate skin on a daily basis. Boob Tube to the rescue! It will keep your skin as strong and elastic as possible and help prevent collagen, the skin's inbuilt support system, degradation so your boobs stay firm and proud for years to come.

What women really love about Boob Tube is that the quality of their skin changes so quickly. Within a week you will notice that the skin on your neck, your chest and your boobs looks firmer, fitter. glowing, more dewy and youthful.

It sounds too good to be true! As they say the boobs you acquire during pregnancy are on loan, not for keeps.. This miracle lotion supposedly prevents the dreaded droop caused by the loss of fullness after the babys born.
They say you see skin improvement in 7 days and I have to say already everything feels smoother and softer. I will of course update you on my thoughts of this product over the coming months. I intend to try a few other things from mama mio too including their tummy rub and stretch mark improver.. If you guys have tried these let me know what you think!

you can buy the mama mio pregnancy care range here...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

8 Weeks

This week my baby is the size of a rasberry.. I am really loving the fruit comparisons and wondering if that influence Gwyneth Paltrow to name her baby apple. When it was the size of a pea we referred to it as baby pea.. I can see how a name like that might grow on you.. Hmm!

As always I promise to start my bump photos soon.. I dont know what's holding me up..

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A sobering thought

In the UK we are about to have 2 consecutive 4 day weekends thanks to our fabulous British Bank Holidays but as I was sitting in the garden at the weekend I realised that for me they'd be dry. Now I'm no big drinker to begin with but on a hot summers day I might have a tipple at a BBQ.. But not this year. In search of a satisfying alternative I discovered this...

It basically tastes the same without the usual after taste and you could definitely be fooled into thinking it was the real deal. It's nice to know the industry is giving us alcohol-free options (although I'd have rather had a budweiser lol)

Sickness cure

Now I can't be sure if these cured my nausea or it just went away on its own but it's nice to have a placebo on standby sometimes.

I went to my second midwife appointment on Friday and felt as sick as a parrot. Unfortunately it was blood test day.. I've never been the most generous giver when it comes to parting with my own blood but Friday was the worst EVER. I always try to remain calm to put the medic at ease but it was just terrible. She had several attempts before successfully obtaining 6 vials and it was very painful.. Ouch! Even now 5 days later my arms ache. Anyway... It will be about 7 weeks til I have to do that again, thank god! What did come out of it though was a prescription for cyclizine which has made me feel 100% better just very sleepy. Have any of you tried it before? I'm asleep for 8:30 every night now but still yawn all day haha. I've traded nausea for narcolepsy but it feels like a good swap :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

7 Weeks

So this is week seven and the baby is supposedly the size of a blueberry which baffles me! Its so tiny but its starting to look more baby-like. Granted it has a tail lol but still.. Its quickly taking shape!

The nausea is nothing this week compared to last which is a good job because I discovered the anti-sickness pills Motilium I was taking are not suitable for expectant mothers..eek! Luckily I had taken them sparingly.
I must have gone up at least a cup size but my boobs aren't tender ALL the time now, I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait to feel good again so I can start to really enjoy this pregnancy!

First sign of baby bump

Ok ok it might not LOOK like much but last night I could FEEL my bump for the first time.. Although the baby is still teeny tiny my uterus is growing in preparation and I can feel the ridge of where the little bump starts.

I know it just looks like podge but this was taken on an empty stomach lol.. There's a defined roundness. Kind of freaked me out when I felt it.. I'd forgotten what it was like but I'm so excited to see it grow :)


Saturday, 9 April 2011

How sick is TOO sick?

For the last week I have felt sick all day every day. It has weaker and stronger times throughout the day but all the same... all day EVERY DAY and I'm over it! I dont remember suffering remotely like this when I was pregnant with Ella.. this has prompted many "psychics" to tell me I'm having a boy and against my sceptical, better judgement I am tempted to agree with them. So far this pregnancy couldn't be more different so what's a more different result than a baby boy? Anyway... back on subject.

To combat my sickness I've been doing a number of things. When I'm home I don't do a thing, I sip ginger ale over ice, once a day I take a motillium (anti sickness pill) I eat crackers and for the most part can't overeat or go too long without eating... ugh! chore! Today is Saturday and I've felt twinges of nausea today but for the most part (not to jinx it) I'm feeling pretty damn good. I am genuinely scared that I could feel terrible for another 6 weeks... I don't know how I'm going to cope with that but I have everything crossed that I've just had a bad week and the worst is over. 
Because I'm just nauseous and not actually sick no matter how long it goes on I know the midwife/doctor wont prescribe anything... it's just part and parcel of the whole baby deal but really... how sick is too sick? How long before it becomes unbearable?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

6 Weeks

This week the baby is the size of a pea and I feel like that fairytale princess. How can something so tiny be causing me so much discomfort? I am sick all the time, I thought I was nauseous before but I had no idea! Headachey and very sore. I had a bit of a falling-down-the-stairs-mishap yesterday so a bit more bruised than necassary too.

The baby is starting to take shape but it still looks like a blob.. Can't wait to see it when it's tiny but baby-looking..

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Due Date

I visited my midwife the other day and she confirmed my DUE DATE!

How exciting?
I have a follow up appointment in two weeks time when I'll have my blood taken *eek* and I'll be checked for anemia and such things that can flare up during ones pregnancy. My midwife told me I should receive a scan appointment before my next meeting and I really can't wait. The scan will make it feel more real.. when we can see our baby for the first time it will be magical :) She also said that at the scan they will tell me whether the date she gave me was correct by measuring the baby. It used to be that if the scan was within 5 days of the original due date given they would leave it as is but now it will be changed apparently. I know that wasn't the case when I had Ella, you wouldn't think things would change so much in only 5 years but so many things seem to have so far. Anywho... for now this is the date my baby is due... it may be early as I think I will have another C-Section and they are usually booked ahead of the expected date.

Until next time..

Bed Browsing...

I've been looking at cots since we started TTC so no surprise I'm fairly prepared now I'm finally "with child".
I knew I wanted white and I knew I wanted a cot bed. White because the nursery has white built in wardrobes and a cot bed because it's just so much more cost effective. When moving baby from a cot to a bed it seems a waste to shell out for a junior bed they'll be in for 18 months. Ella went straight from a cot to a fullsized single but I did have concerns about the height so this time around... COT BED!
I've shopped about, as you do, and found a sweet deal at babies'r'us. To give you an idea of how great a deal this really is, a similar cot from ikea would cost only £10 less and is just a cot... this is really fabulous value.
Of course, in an ideal world I'd have an imposing sleigh style cot and plush furnishings but let's be realistic, I'm not spending more on a cot to be used to 2 years than my own bed!
So this is the current front runner...

Shoreditch Cot bed
Also Available in Natural
for just £99.99

Any great deals you've spotted recently or just have a store you'd like to recommend? Go ahead and leave your comments below!

My Pregnancy Journal

First and foremost, HUGE thanks to Kelly for sending me this beautiful handmade gift.
Here's her blog, things seem to be being updated right now so go and follow and check back for stuff like this...
she's also on twitter

anyway... on witha little look at the book..
I opened up the parcel to find this box..
Inside the book was beautifully wrapped adorned with a handmade tag..
And how cute is that? 
On the front page is another sweet little something.. 

And the rest of the book is mine to record my pregnancy.
It's such a gorgeous and thoughtful gift for which I'm very thankful. 
I will no doubt fill it with the same thoughts and ramblings I publish here to be cherished for years to come. 
I've never seen a pregnancy journal before so it was such a cool thing to receive for me. 
Have any of you had a pregnancy journal? I'm interested to hear from you.

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