Monday, 22 October 2012

11 Months Old

For the happiest baby in the world little Mr Milo sure has been grumpy this week. This is the reason his update is a week late. I filmed the video update on time but just couldn't get a good photo for his 11 month picture and in the end had to make do with these. The picture below basically sums up his mood this week.. He's under the weather, poor thing, as he was sick today but I'm hoping it's just a bug and he'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed again tomorrow.. 'cause I've got to go to work.

Speaking of work I don't think I ever did an update on that so I'll try to get round to that soon but for those wondering it has been a much easier transition that I'd anticipated and he loved his childminder and the other kids there so anyone in that position right now nervouc bout returning to work.. don't be. 

Development wise it's tough to remember what he did last month, I think he'd just discovered pointing, well that's still a big form of communication but he know also claps and has learned some more dance moves including squatting up and down and 'the twist' which I think Grandma migt have taught him on the sly. He likes to crouch to do everything from eating to playing to pooping.. so that's new and he's now what I'd consider to be a fully fledged walker. He doesn't have many places to walk so for the time being he does laps of our house pausing only to try and sneak up the stairs (often successfully - bad Mummy! - not all the way though.. don't call social services.. please?)

He's been drinking cows milk during the day but he still has his formula morning and night with 2 solid meals in between a morning snack (rusk etc). I know it's cool to give them only cows milk from 1 but I think he'd miss it so I've ordered (Tesco online) some 'Growing Up Milk' to see how he likes it.. I think I'll stick to a formula bottle at bed time at least for the foreseeable future but might switch his morning bottle to regular milk to wean him off the formula slowly as well as cut costs.. babies are expensive! 

So next month my baby will be 1. I think he will be my last so this is doubly sad as the final phase of my baby momma'ing is about to be over, I will miss it but I hear boys stay 'babies' for longer so I'm holding out hope I can still swaddle him when he's 25.

Miss BB

Monday, 17 September 2012

10 Months Old

 I always struggle.. wait, do I start every update like this? lol. I think so but it's true it's hard to recall the little developmental landmarks from the past month when you come to write them down. There are really only a couple that come to mind for Milo's 9th month, He took more than two steps, 5 to be precise and is now walking a lot each day just never very far. He's becoming more interested in games and playing with others, he's always enjoyed interaction but now he seems to be getting in to the to and fro a little more. He started with the childminder as I returned to work this month so he's been in a whole new social environment and so far he's settled in brilliantly. No problems yet. The only other thing that jumps out at me is the dancing.. he dances to everything. I'm not saying he jumps on the floor and busts out some shapes, it's more bouncing, rocking and swinging his arms from side to side but every time he hears music of any kind he starts. It's cute.

As I've previously mentioned these pictures are getting harder to capture since he wont stay still for more than 10 seconds so it's a good job I only have 2 more! I intend to do occasional updates after his first birthday (which by the way we plan to spend at Hooters - but that's a whole other post) rather than monthly's but I will of course continue to blog Milo's progress once he reaches his 12 month.

Miss BB

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Milo Dancing To The Hive

If you're unfamiliar with The Hive it's a kids TV show on Disney Junior. Milo doesn't really have a favourite show per se but he definitely has a favourite theme song.. and this is it! He's watching it on my iPhone while I film him with his Dads..

Miss BB

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sneaky Stair Climber

I think I mentioned in a previous update video that he'd started to claimb the stairs but this is the first snippet of film I've been able to capture since he started doing it! And on his 10 months birthday too!

Miss BB

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Milo's showing all the classic symptoms and we're expecting teeth any day!

Miss BB

Two weeks later and still no teeth, the sniffles have improved but not gone completely so I'm not sure if it was a cold he picked up from his first week at the childminders or if teeth are still imminent!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Making Milo Laugh

Another video of Milo playing with his sister, Ella.

Miss BB

Milo's First Lego Experience

Milo 'playing' with Lego his sister got for her birthday. He wasnt left unsupervised and was only allowed to play with it for the duration of this video so don't panic about swallowing small parts, he's fine!

Miss BB

Coal For Christmas?

This is Milo's favourite seat in the house.. on the hearth next to the coal so that as soon as your back it turned he can grab some. He's done this for months and the fascination with the coal doesn't seem to be subsiding.. it's dirty and black and he can make a big mess very quickly. If you look closely you can see little black marks on his right hand.. he is so sneaky.. I didn't think he'd touched it at this point. He's a baby master of misdirection.. Mummy look what I'm doing with this hand while I do something naughty with the other.. I didn't know such small children could be so cunning but this is a word of warning to those who think their little angles could never drag a bit black line through their house.. they can if they want to!

Miss BB

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Recent Milo Video's

I never remember to post these videos to my blog when they go on YouTube but they're usually short so I thought I'd just do another compilation post and get all up to date as it were..

Milo's Magic Trick
 Milo Crazy Pants
Milo Dancing To 'Friends'
A Minute Of Milo
Milo Says No
Milo The Motorcycle

Miss BB

9 Months Old

I am getting so slack with these updates.. he turned 9 months almost a week ago and as I type this I'm still yet to film the video part of this.. God knows how I'll manage to keep to the schedule when I go back to work in 2 weeks *sob*

Just after his last update he started to stand on his own which I think is this months biggest development. He's attempted a step once or twice but nothing successful as yet. I've only managed to capture this standing on film once so far but I'll post that picture separately - I like to be able to search for his individual milestones on here. He's still eating like a little piggy and crying when it's all gone, we've started weaning him on to lumpier food with bits of pasta etc which he's just about coming around to but at first.. he NO LIKEY! His chatter seems to have developed and it often sounds like words, though I imagine that's a coincidence. When I last updated I spoke about his incessant head shaking.. he doesn't do that so much now but he does dance! When music comes on the TV he has several moves he may decide to bust out (my personal favourites are swaying and bouncing) and having run through my iTunes library his favourite song of the moment is 'Your Belong To Me' by Taylor Swift - I will try to film him dancing to this this week. He also likes reggae. Eclectic!

He is the baby of a million faces but most of them I only manage to capture on my phone and subsequently post to instagram so I think I'll do an collage post of those soon 'cause some really do make me giggle! This month he started pushing everything he could get his hands on around the living room like a car.. bit odd but it seems to be what he wants to do. He made his first attempt to get up the stairs last week, couldn't manage even the bottom step but it's yet another thing to be vigilant of from now on. Strangely since it was decided that he would go to a childminders 4 days a week when I return to work he's become more clingy.. he's not a cuddly baby but he suddenly wants holding 24/7. He's more of a Daddy's boy these days though so it's nice for Lee to have that bonding with him as I will be working later so they will have lots of time on their own which they don't so much now. I always miss things off these updates but I think that's pretty much it for the 8th month. Now he's 9 months I'd very much like him to take his first official steps in the next fortnight so I don't miss it but I know these things can't be pushed.. oh and.. still no teeth!

Miss BB

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Going Back To Work

A couple of days ago it was agreed that I was going back to work. Up until then I wasn't sure if or when I would.. could have been months away, could have been not at all but I now know I'm back in the office in just over 3 weeks time (3rd Sept) and quite frankly I'm not at all looking forward to it. I had been vlogging that day and decided to film something for my baby blog on the subject. I will chronicle my return and everything leading up to it for those of you in a similar situation wanting to see how it went for someone else. I am going back to where I worked before but I was only a temp and lots has changed since then so it's still really daunting. I've been off for about 10 months and haven't been in to see them once (because I was a temp) so that's pretty scary! They've asked me to go in as often as I can for an hour here or there to get back in to it in the meantime which on the one hand I think is a good idea but on the other.. I'm not ready. Here's my video, I'll be back with more updates and childcare talk soon!

Miss BB

Monday, 23 July 2012

8 Months Old

Milo Bear is 8 months old and he is getting BIG. 
When I last weighed him he was 20lbs!! I don't know if that's big for his age but he seems it to me. He's still crawling like someone is chasing him (which I actually was last week) but no walking yet. He pulls himself up on the furniture and lets go to balance for just a few seconds but he's showing now signs of venturing out on his own just yet. Last months I said I wanted to substitute as least one bottle every day for a solid food meal, he's now eating at least 2, sometimes 3. We didn't go through a period of him not sleeping, he's continued to sleep through the night but rather than wait until the bottle was no longer sustaining him for that long period I decided to pre-empt it. He now has his evening bottle which sets off his routine for bed time but potentially all other meals are 'food'. Most of the time he's still having a bottle first thing, just 'cause it's easier but that's the next step. I think the bottle at night will stay constant for the foreseeable future.

He's starting to get really frustrated that he can't communicate. For the most part he's a really happy baby but if he wants to get our attention he can make himself heard, he doesn't scream or cry he just shouts a lot. We're getting a lot of dadada mamama and brrrr but nothing resembling words and nothing consistent. He's still scratching everything to test the noise/texture and talking of noise.. boy does he like to bang things on other things? ANYTHING you give him he will take to the nearest hard surface and bang bang bang, little drummer boy!
The last thing is a bit weird, he's started shaking his head, kind of like swaying it from side to side, not like a 'no' action, more like he's dancing to music nobody else can hear.. I looked it up online as I was worried he might have an ear infection (he's still poking around in them) but although all the Mums were freaking out and assuming their kids were going to have some serious problem they all seemed to be 7 or 8 months so I have to assume that it's developmental and he's just learnt a new trick. The health visitor is coming to visit for the first time in I think 6 months today so we'll see what she says but as far as I'm concerned he's a healthy little boy with a very healthy appetite.

Miss BB

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Standing Man!

In a week Milo's gone from only just crawling to pulling up on every available surface to stand. The only way he's managed to fully stand tall so far is on our tv unit as it has a shelf as kind of a halfway point. He did that yesterday and I managed to capture it today so wanted to share, of course. Until then he'd had to make do with kind of pushing up on all fours on the hearth (as above) - unfortunately this little habit did lead to him eating a little bit of coal when my back was turned. I'm going to have to get used to this moving around stuff fast!

So without further ado.. here he is in action..

Miss BB

Friday, 15 June 2012

7 Months Old

This month has been a big one for Milo, crawling, rolling and trying his darndest to talk. I shared the video of him crawling already but in case you missed it, here it is again..

This month was the first month that his monthly photo was tricky... he did NOT want to sit still.
He's off and about all over the place but he's still kind f frog leaping rather than crawling, he's been desperate to get around for a while though so he's a lot less frustrated now. Still no teeth and still no regular meals but this month I am really going to try. With Ella she didn't sleep well so I weaned her on to solids asap in a bid to keep her full through the night but Milo has slept perfectly since around 2 and a half months so I've not had the drive to take him off his milk yet. He still has 4 bottles a day and at the moment the only other food is a rusk that he feeds himself or the occasional powdered meal. I want to try him with bananas next week I think, everyone says that's a good starting food so I'm hoping he wont hate them like I do. 

I'm not sure there's much else to report other than he's still really strong with his legs. I can walk him around the house just holding his hands but he's been doing that for months, I fully expected him to forgo crawling altogether and just walk. He can just about pull himself up on furniture but he's not quite there.. he more pushes his bum up and stays on all fours.. It's like he'd prefer to crawl that way.. he doesn't really understand the knee shuffling yet but somehow he's still managing to get from A to B. I'm just about coming to terms with him growing up.. I so desperately wanted him to stay small forever but he's becoming such a little character I can't baby him forever. Besides.. he never really wants to cuddle anyway, he wants to be off doing his own thing.

Til next time..

Miss BB

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Milo's On The Move!

Last week Milo crawled for the first time. It was just before 7 months as he will hit that mark tomorrow but he's been showing signs for a while. He's not exactly running around just yet but if he wants to get somewhere he can and he WILL! Bizarrely he still can't sit by himself, he can balance when he's placed in a sitting position but he can't pull himself up without help. He's even trying to stand.. I'll share a picture as soon as I catch him at it but he pushes his bum up, straightening his legs like he's going to start an 'elephant walk'. He's going to be off to school before we know it :(

He just needed a little motivation ;)

Miss BB

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Red, White & Baby

 Stars & Stripes may not be classic 'Rule Britannia' Atire but it's how Milo chose to represent this past Jubilee weekend. Those of you that follow me on instagram (username:missbudgetbeauty) you'll have seen the below picture already but it was so cute I couldn't help blogging it too. The two suits came in a set of 3 from Next as did the 'dribble bibs'

Miss BB

Recent Milo Video's

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Everybody Goes To MILO'S!

Randomly found this online and had to share!

And this is beyond cute!

Miss BB

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

6 Months Old

I know I say this every month but 6 months?? How did this happen? I am torn.. I want him to grow up and am looking forward to seeing him develop but on the other hand, can't he be my baby forever???

Anyway.. onwards and upwards, he's 6 months old and that's kind of a big deal! This month was a big one, although there were no major developments he's generally more curious about motoring and I wouldn't be surprised if I walked it to see him toddling around any day now. No matter where I put him he wants to be off somewhere else and although he can't yet sit or crawl he somehow manages to shuffle his way across the floor. He's going to be a little adventurer, I can tell.

A couple of weeks ago he was playing with his ears a lot and we were concerned he may have had an infection as he would bother them until they were red but according to my online research ear discomfort is a common teething symptom so I'm pretty sure that's all it was.

He's still eating well, 4 bottles a day and one jar of food, I'm looking to add another solid meal to his routine in the next week or two, he's a growing boy and milk wont fill him up forever. I'm also going to try my hand at making my own baby food as I have the time where I didn't when Ella was a baby so it's just another thing on the 'last baby bucket list'!

I'm still kind of shocked at how generally well behaved he is, I've mentioned before that Ella was not an easy baby/toddler so I can't believe how lucky we've been this time around but it would seem he really is just gonna be a good baby. He sleeps well at night, often 11 or 12 hours from 7.30/8pm and takes 2 naps per day on average. I put him down and he smiles at me and I go get him from his sleep and he's gurgling away in his cot.. it's totally foreign territory for me, Ella cried going to sleep, through the night and when she woke up!!

They're the main updates but as I always say I will try to update throughout the month with little milestones.. though I never remember, do I? I need to update his little scrapbook then I might share some pictures of that with you too. For those who prefer to watch than read you can see my video update below.

Until next time...

His hair seriously naturally falls into a little faux-hawk.. it's bizarre but I kinda like it!

Miss BB

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Milo's First High Chair

When Ella was small my Mum bought her high chair and so I had no idea how expensive they could be. When it came to buying a high chair I sure wished I'd hung on to Ella's as it was perfect. It was height adjustable so she could sit at our level in the living room, it folded to store and the tray was removable. All that was great but better still if she fell asleep in it - as they almost all do at some point - it would tilt back so she could doze in comfort. I wanted all this for Milo but it turned out the equivalent chair now costs £120!!! Needless to say I wasn't willing to pay that so after looking at a lot of inferior options I took to eBay and found this bad boy for just £20 within driving distance. We got it last week and he hasn't been out of it since. He isn't quite able to sit up himself yet but is desperate to so it enables him to sit and play or eat or just sit and he loves it! It's a nice size and all the features mean it will grow with him and last us a long time.. here's the only photo I could find of Ella in hers, it was her 1st birthday...

There are small differences between the two chairs but they are essentially the same, the new one had just been just improved upon but for those wanting to know it's a Chicco Polly and the cheapest place I've found it is Amazon - link - for £89.70

Miss BB

Finding His Feet

Milo's fifth month marked the discovery of.. his feet! He's always been a knee grabber but now he actively grabs at his feet... after long periods of staring at them of course. He loves to be tickled and although he recoils when you touch his toes he sticks them back out for them to be tickled again. This week he found his ears but that's another post.. I haven't managed to capture it on film yet.

Miss BB

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Evil Toy

For the past few day Milo has been shouting at this one toy.. we thought he was just being angry but it turns out..  the toy is evil!!!

Miss BB

Thursday, 19 April 2012

5 Months Old

Milo bear is 5 months old.. he promised me he wouldn't but he got bigger and if it's possible, even cuter. This month seems to have flown and it's hard to keep track of new development without regular blogging so month 6 will see more of that with one monthly summary update post. His eyes are still blue so we have to assume they're staying that way now, lovely for us as we have only brown eyed children in the family. He is looking more and more like his Dad every day but I continue to search for myself in him. He is still sleeping through the nights and I would have said he'd not slipped once had it not been for last night. He's showing real signs of teething now and another symptom is waking in the night. He woke at 2am, I comforted him and put him back down, he cried for 5 minutes and went back to sleep. He was fitful and whimpered now and then but for the most part he slept and it's the first night he's woken in more than 2 months. I will let you know whether this becomes a habit in a week or two. At 20 weeks he discovered his feet. He's always had a thing for his knees but his feet are his new favourite place o grab. He's not been too interested in putting them in his mouth yet but everything and anything else gets chewed. He has a penchant for hair pulling and grabbing faces and remains the most expressive baby I've ever met.

He will smile at anyone attentive and is now giggling lots. He's ticklish but it seems selective.. he has to be in the right mood and he is eating well. He drains every bottle and could probably do with two solid feeds a day now though we're only just getting in to that routine. He naps twice during the day, once mid morning and once mid afternoon, he's not always happy about it but doesn't usually take long to drift off. He loves to be held but that's my fault.. we cuddle too much so people tell me and he stays awake for walks now where before he would be asleep straight away. His hand eye co-ordination is much improved and he can take something from me now and play with his toys.. but he normally just wants to chew on it. He's trying to talk, he loves to squeak and shout and right now as I write this he's cooing in his pram while I wait for him to nap. He's still very strong and the walking reflex hasn't left him yet, he's dying to get moving but shows no interest in rolling or crawling. He pulls himself up to a sitting position but I think he needs more floor time to develop his movement. Of course I'd be happy for him to stay just as he is forever, 5 months is a lovely little bundle and he's no trouble.. I know the bigger he gets the harder it will be and I'm not ready to lose my baby yet. One last note... his hair wants to be a faux hawk and it's taking all I have not to dye it pink and shave the sides... but I wont. Maybe just some gel and coloured mascara?

Miss BB

Saturday, 7 April 2012

How Could I Miss It?

I have done so well thus far keeping track of the weeks since Milo's birth in order to do his monthly updates on time so you can imagine how shocked I was to discover he turned 20 weeks (5 months) last Tuesday.. whaaa?? As you can see from my lil mans faux hawk (pictured above) he is growing up far too fast. I've decided that as of this month I will move to the 15th of each month to mark his progress (he was born 15/11) as opposed to weeks for updates. I had to at some point or we'd be celebrating his 1st birthday a month early but still.. I can't believe I missed it! 

But now it's late, I just finished Ella's Easter egg hunt for the morning and I need to get some shut eye but for anyone keeping track.. Milo hasn't suddenly disappeared.. he's 20 whole weeks old.. I just.. lost track.

Miss BB

Friday, 23 March 2012

Missing Milo

We have been away for almost a week now and I'm really missing the kids. I'm certain once we're home they'll be driving me nuts after 10 minutes but I still can't wait to see them.

Ella has been with her Dad for the majority of pur holiday but Milo has been with my Mum (mum/grandma of the year, I know!) and he's been keeping a blog apparently!

She sent me this picture today that I thought I'd share and his "diary" will come next week! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

4 Months Old

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate that he's getting bigger so fast!
Days after last months update I am happy to report Milo started sleeping through the night. For at least the last 3 and a half weeks he has slept from 9pm to 8am pretty much on the dot every single night. For me he can play up as much as he likes during the day if he's going to do that! Ella was such a terror at night that I keep waiting for it to all stop but so far so good. I didn't really pursue weaning after the first couple of attempts but will start again properly this week. I don't want him to suddenly wake up at 4am because milk isn't sustaining him and then have to start weaning. He has acid reflux so the health visitor advised to wean from  months as solids will help him with that. Apparently it's easier to keep solids down. He is quite possibly the sickest baby ever! He's not unhappy about it, usually throws up with a smile on his face  but I still feel bad for the little mite. It's always so tricky to remember his little milestones when it comes to the monthly update. One thing I absolutely can't leave out is the thumb sucking. That's right, my son is an official thumb sucker!

He liked a dummy in the first 6 weeks of his life and then really wasn't that interested and wouldn't keep it in his mouth. Since then he's been very much a hand chewer which we assumed was 'itchy gums' in the lead up to teething but this week is progressed and the thumb is the 'finger' of choice. It's all very cute and he self soothes which is good but I dread the time that I will have to wean him off it. With Ella I could take her dummy away but I can hardly remove his thumb!! I've heard of using that nail polish to prevent you nail biting but I don't know.. cross that bridge when we come to it. Years off yet.

Talking of teething, we had to invest in some baby Nurofen two weeks ago when he started crying during feeds (very unusual) and was very warm with little rosy cheeks. I can feel something on the top gums but nothing substantial yet. He's still a giant wriggler, I've had to put him back on his bouncer 3 times while typing this. He pushes himself off it on to the floor. I don't know how much he weighs because terrible parent that I am I haven't regularly attended clinic as I should but seeing as the last time he saw the doc he was such a beast i think he's healthy. They advised babies like him need to be weighed less as he's obviously putting on weight (haha). You may have seen the laughing post a few weeks ago, he laughed for the first time this month but I think he's laughed a grand total of 3 times so far so it's nothing to write home about. Very cute when it happens though, the kind of sound that today makes up for a day of screaming the house down. I can't think of anything else MAJOR that has happened in the last 4 weeks. He's desperate to sit up and is constantly craning his neck trying to get up himself. He has big ideas does my Milo.. thinks he's a big boy! He has 4 bottles in 24 hours now. 220ml and 2 sachets of infant Gaviscon in each which doesn't stop him being sick completely but definitely helps. Lastly his little 3-6 month suit he's wearing today has inspired a new nickname. "Little Boat"
I wanted to include that incase we ever forget why we call him that.

Usually I do Milo's monthly update videos but today Ella volunteered. She sat at the laptop with him and every time she finished Milo hit a button and deleted the whole thing. She persevered and eventually i had to take him away but this is Milo in Ella's words....

Miss BB

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Mummy Mafia

Prepare yourself for a monster post on a topic I don't usually blog about. It's not about Milo or even babies.. it's about the bullies that are waiting for you at the school gates when you least expect them!

I didn't have he easiest time at school. I wasn't very 'popular' but i wasn't a 'geek' or a 'rebel' either, my friends and I of sat in a kind of in-between group. I was bullied for most of my school life in some way shape or form, sometimes it was as trivia and sometimes it really wasn't. Because of this I couldn't wait to escape in to the real (working) world as soon as possible. So when I left school at 16 I thought I was leaving all those girls behind me and for nearly 10 years I did. Yes I encountered the odd bitchy co-worker but they're usually universally disliked and a good source of gossip and boding between the other, more normal colleagues. Not until Ella went to School did I realise where they'd all been hiding. 

Given that I had Ella at 19 I had anticipated all of the other Mums to be older than me but where we live it's a nice (read posh - we rent) area and it would seem that they are the kind of folks that got their lives together and were financially secure before having kids. This means that they are all well in to their 30s, some pushing 40 (or already there) and practically a totally different generation. So for the first year of Ella's school life I was ignored. I didn't do a lot of picking up and dropping off as I was working full time but still when I waited there amongst the chatting masses nobody said a word to me. When I was visibly pregnant people started to strike up conversations. I'm not sure if they thought it was more acceptable or if they had found their ice breaker but suddenly everyone was interested and you can only imagine once Milo was born.. I had a new posse of "friends". 

So morning and afternoon I would rock up at school and make mundane small talk with women I had nothing in common with and I felt oddly accepted. Ella had play dates and I even agreed to take one girl to school once a week to help out a working Mum who was pushed for a baby sitter. I offered.. I didn't have to but I did. I should probably mention at this point that said little girl is not a nice little girl. She has been a thorn in my side since they first started in September 2010. There's quite a back story but in a nutshell I requested Ella be moved classes before the start of the last school year to avoid them socialising. We've all known a girl like her, they don't change and unfortunately for Ella chances are she will know her for at least another 10 years. The classes remained and bizarrely the two of them became friends so I thought I'd give the kid another chance. I was wrong. 

One day a couple of weeks ago Ella came out of school in tears telling me this child had been picking on her. WELL... pissed off is not the word! That very morning she had sat at my kitchen table eating breakfast with my family and then she has the audacity to be unkind to my daughter? I don't think so! This behaviour had been going on for a very long time and I had held my tongue hoping Ella would stand up for herself and be more assertive but I could hold my tongue no more. I laid in to the kid (not physically of course, I was more than arms length away) I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not tolerate her bullying Ella any longer, that she wouldn't like it if the situation was reversed and that I was wholly disappointed given that I'd taken her to school that day, I was doing her mum a favour!

What I said I said in front of a huge group of parents, It was nothing I wouldn't say again and I did not shout. I may have been a touch menacing in my tone but rest assured... that was intentional!

I left, furious and stormed home. Moments later the child's Dad appears on my doorstep giving me what for. He tells me his daughter is upset and that other parents were asking what she had done. This man came to me angry I had disciplined his daughter (his job by the way) and he left telling me that they didn't know what they were going to do with her. He knew within 5 minutes that she was wrong and I was defending my child. That was the day before half term.

I turned up yesterday morning (first day of term) to be frozen out by every parent in that playground. The Mummy Mafia. What behaviour is that for "adults"? What hope do these peoples children have of growing up to be mature and well rounded with parents like that? I may have flown off the handle but I was teaching my daughter to stand up for what's right and not to put up with someone picking on you. What they are doing now is setting a far worse example. Ella tells me that she and the girl are friends again now and that's fine (though I'd rather they weren't) but the girl cowers behind her Mum when she sees me. Is it terrible that I'm pleased? 

As long as she's scared of me she won't dare be mean to Ella and although my intention wasn't to scare her if that's the outcome.. I'm okay with it! The Playground Politics will continue I'm sure but being a grown up I am equipped to deal with bullies better than my 6 year old so rather me than her!

I guess I'll have another chance at being the 'good parent' when Milo starts school rather than a social pariah/loose Canon Mother that everyone freezes out!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Milo's First Laugh

Milo laughed for the first time less than an hour ago and I couldn't wait to share it with you...

Miss BB

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

3 Months Old

Time flies when you're sleep deprived! 3 months old our little man and he's caused some serious havoc this month. Many nights sitting up at 4am when he decides he's had enough sleep, serious issues with wind and reflux.. I really cannot get puked on enough.. its great! And we've finally given in and started trying to wean. I know it's a month too soon but who are these people that say when is right? This kid cannot get enough food, he is ALWAYS hungry so I figured it was time. He's not loving it yet but we're taking it slow so that hopefully by the time he's 'officially' allowed baby food he will be ready for it. He also moved in to his big cot in his own room this month which was a massive turning point for us. Even when he's up in the night I almost feel like I'm getting too much sleep compared to the first 8 weeks of his life! This week he slept his first 9 hours (totally one off by the way) which was of course fantastic and I've started the "controlled crying" when he wont settle which seems to be working well. I leave him for 10 minutes, go back to settle him without lifting him out of his cot then leave him for 20 minutes.. I've never had to go back a second time yet so I'm hopeful that this method will be more effective having started early. Ella was an absolute terror at night until she was almost 5 so I am very aware that I do not want a repeat of that with Milo.

He is starting to roll but doesn't get much time of his back as he's always in his bouncer or being held but in his cot he often rolls on to his side while wriggling around. I keep meaning to get him a play mat.. I think developmentally he would really benefit from more floor time. His legs are still so strong, always pushing to stand and stamping his feet he's even taking 'steps' which I'm yet to capture on film but will blog about separately as I managed to get a few photos. And Milos third month also brought him his first snow just in time for Mummys birthday so that was nice. 
He's still a very wingey baby and always fidgeting, we think it's due to his colic and reflux issues but Lee is convinced he may be having issues with his milk. I'm considering a call to the health visitor to see if there's any advice they can give on other feeding options. I'll be keeping quiet about the early weaning though.. they're uber strict round here! I think That's about it for this month. I'm going to get out Ella's progress books and see what she was doing at this age.. will be interesting to compare and if there's anything good I will of course share with you all.
I'm really hoping that the fourth month update will bring happy news about sleeping through the night and self soothing but I'm a realist and am just happy to have this little bundle happy and well.


Miss BB

Friday, 3 February 2012

Look Who's Eating Food!

Ok so maybe he's not TECHNICALLY supposed to be trying baby food for another month but he is just SO hungry! He's already taking as much milk as his bottle will hold and we're still having night feeds because it's just not filling him up. Last night we decided to give baby rice a go. There's a lot of conflicting opinions online as to whether it's safe to put this in their bottle or not - for those unfamiliar with the product its very finely milled powder.. not rice-like or lumpy at all - but I am in the 'not risking it' camp so we spoon-fed him. I made it super milky, not much powder at all.. it's his first time after all! He wasn't keen on the spoon and for the most part what I did get in his mouth he either spat out or just left it there unsure what to do with it. I can't imagine what a surreal experience it must be for a baby but today I have given him a spoon to play with in the hope he'll get used to it and our next attempt will be more successful. He seems to like it and managing to grab the spoon and locate his mouth is a big milestone for little baby M!

Miss BB
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Monday, 23 January 2012

Milo's Moved Out

Today marks one week since my little Milo bear moved into his own room. I hadn't intended to put him on his own so early but we'd left his crib at Grandma's and so thought we'd give it a go for a night... little did we know he would love it! He has his last bottle at around 10pm and then lies happily in his cot until he falls asleep. He NEVER did that in his crib beside me and he doesn't settle as easily when he knows we're n the room but when I peek in from his doorway he is kicking his legs and waving his arms, gurgling away contently, It's amazing! Night-times weren't great because he's such a fidget and I could hear every little noise when he lay beside me but now he is just perfect. We've had a couple of really good nights but he hasn't "slept through" yet, 10pm til 4am is pretty good going though and that's normal right now. Being in his own room also means that whoever isn't up with him gets a lot more sleep so that's a major positive but the best thing has to be the beaming smile he gives me when I go to get him in the morning. Everyone's happier when we're well rested and being in his own room is working for him as much as it is for us.

Our rooms are very close and it was all a bit unplanned so as yet I haven't bought a monitor.. I'm tempted by this deal on buyapowa right now though.. £34.99 down from £59.99!! I've been put off thus far because of the cost but there will come a time when I want to put him to bed while we're downstairs and for that I will definitely be needing one. buyapowa deals are timed so this link wont be relevant forever but for now if you want to buy this you can check it out here. I think I'm going to have to have it.
Miss BB

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