Thursday, 9 August 2012

Going Back To Work

A couple of days ago it was agreed that I was going back to work. Up until then I wasn't sure if or when I would.. could have been months away, could have been not at all but I now know I'm back in the office in just over 3 weeks time (3rd Sept) and quite frankly I'm not at all looking forward to it. I had been vlogging that day and decided to film something for my baby blog on the subject. I will chronicle my return and everything leading up to it for those of you in a similar situation wanting to see how it went for someone else. I am going back to where I worked before but I was only a temp and lots has changed since then so it's still really daunting. I've been off for about 10 months and haven't been in to see them once (because I was a temp) so that's pretty scary! They've asked me to go in as often as I can for an hour here or there to get back in to it in the meantime which on the one hand I think is a good idea but on the other.. I'm not ready. Here's my video, I'll be back with more updates and childcare talk soon!

Miss BB

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  1. You'll be fine I promise x I can understand it being daunting but look on the bright side you'll be spending more time lwith adults and making extra money for your family x good luck on your first day back. If you do feel like its too soon give it more time and then go back when milos a bit older.


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