Monday, 23 July 2012

8 Months Old

Milo Bear is 8 months old and he is getting BIG. 
When I last weighed him he was 20lbs!! I don't know if that's big for his age but he seems it to me. He's still crawling like someone is chasing him (which I actually was last week) but no walking yet. He pulls himself up on the furniture and lets go to balance for just a few seconds but he's showing now signs of venturing out on his own just yet. Last months I said I wanted to substitute as least one bottle every day for a solid food meal, he's now eating at least 2, sometimes 3. We didn't go through a period of him not sleeping, he's continued to sleep through the night but rather than wait until the bottle was no longer sustaining him for that long period I decided to pre-empt it. He now has his evening bottle which sets off his routine for bed time but potentially all other meals are 'food'. Most of the time he's still having a bottle first thing, just 'cause it's easier but that's the next step. I think the bottle at night will stay constant for the foreseeable future.

He's starting to get really frustrated that he can't communicate. For the most part he's a really happy baby but if he wants to get our attention he can make himself heard, he doesn't scream or cry he just shouts a lot. We're getting a lot of dadada mamama and brrrr but nothing resembling words and nothing consistent. He's still scratching everything to test the noise/texture and talking of noise.. boy does he like to bang things on other things? ANYTHING you give him he will take to the nearest hard surface and bang bang bang, little drummer boy!
The last thing is a bit weird, he's started shaking his head, kind of like swaying it from side to side, not like a 'no' action, more like he's dancing to music nobody else can hear.. I looked it up online as I was worried he might have an ear infection (he's still poking around in them) but although all the Mums were freaking out and assuming their kids were going to have some serious problem they all seemed to be 7 or 8 months so I have to assume that it's developmental and he's just learnt a new trick. The health visitor is coming to visit for the first time in I think 6 months today so we'll see what she says but as far as I'm concerned he's a healthy little boy with a very healthy appetite.

Miss BB
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