Monday, 21 November 2011

Eyes Wide Open

Okay I know I'm biased but my baby boy is just the cutest! You already know that! What you don't know is he is also the worlds best behaved baby. I am in total awe of how good he's been so far, I'm not expecting him to stay this easy but I am really appreciating it while it lasts. He sleeps ALL the time, he wakes for feeds and nappy changes and then goes back to sleep til the next.. I can't quite believe it! He is alert for such a short period during the day that I had to post these pictures of him with his eyes open. When he is awake he just lays happily in his crib or my arms looking around, totally content. He does cry occasionally of course but it's so rare at the moment it's a novelty. It's only really when I'm changing him or he's being impatient for his bottle but it never lasts long and he is easily consoled. As I type this he is gurgling in his crib next to me.. no trouble to anyone... who could ask for more?
He is a little jaundice and that coupled with him arriving a week earlier than he expected are contributing factors to his sleepiness, I think. The midwife visits again tomorrow and I will have to ask if he's improved as it is a little concerning but he feeds well and shows no signs of illness so I'm not overly worried. It's almost as if he's making it easy for me while I heal.. I love him! 

Miss BB


  1. Aw he looks like his Daddy! Enjoy the peace while it lasts xx

  2. bless!! I think he looks just like you!
    Ashlie x

  3. @helly
    oh I'm under no illusion that he will stay this good but I am loving it while he is
    really? I think he looks like Lee.. people are divided though


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