Thursday, 3 November 2011

Could It Be? SPD??

I've had this pain at the top of my left inside leg for weeks now that feels like a sore, pulled muscle. If I put any pressure on it it hurts, if I flex it or use my leg to move it hurts.. It hurts at night when I'm trying to sleep, it hurts during the day when I'm "resting" and don't even get me started on walking.
At my first midwife appointment after I'd developed this discomfort I brought it up and asked if she knew the cause. She told me it could be a number of things all of which were un-curable by anything other than getting that baby out of me. Great! She said I could have physio but it could make it worse and given the time I have left i decided to grin and bear it. That feels like a lifetime ago now and it's definitely progressed. One thing my midwife had suggested it might be was SPD - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I looked it up online (of course) and it seems very possible. I only feel the ache on the one side, it's difficult to describe where it is but imagine a barbie.. where her leg joins to her body... that's my "circle of pain". It's mainly on the lower half of that circle but my whole hip can ache sometimes.
I found this article on BabyCentre about it for those wanting more information... they have nearly all my symptoms listed and it seems more and more like that's my problem. It mentions that the pain is worse at night and going to the toilet (frequently as you'd imagine) is very uncomfortable. Last night I found myself hobbling to and from the bathroom moaning.. I'm sure Lee thought I was going in to labour.
The reason I am writing this is I can't totally remember how I felt at the end of my first pregnancy. I think Milo is higher than Ella was so I am having difficulty breathing and my ribs ache but the need to go to the bathroom every 2 seconds isn't quite as strong. I do remember laying in bed and thinking there was no point in even trying to sleep it was so frequent. That time I was uncomfortable but I don't remember actual pains until labour started. So I want to record how I felt in these final stages so if I do ever happen to find myself here again I will have a point of reference.
That and when you're pregnant you look up every little twinge online and if someone finds this post that is going through the same thing I am I hope it will be helpful and you'll see you're not alone, it's normal and (fingers crossed) there are no lingering aches after the birth.

So apologies for boring those of you not currently in my "condition" but for those that are or have been... have you had anything similar? I find myself sitting feeling sorry for myself when I could be being so much more productive with my last baby-free days!

Miss BB

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