Friday, 18 November 2011

48hrs With Milo

20 minutes old, here is in "recovery" after the c-section and before we got back on the ward.

Big sister Ella was very much enamoured of the little guy.

Here she is demonstrating how she could sleep in hospital with me and cuddle him all night.

Grandma was quite taken with him too.

Night time cuddles from Mummy.. still only hours old.. he doesn't look brand new, does he?

Daddy's turn

One day old and POOPED!

Just less than 2 days old and ready to go home.

Slept through his first car journey but was bewildered when he woke up somewhere new.

First bath... not his favourite thing so far

"What was that all about then?"

In his hand-me-down dressing gown from Ella, ready for his first night at home.

He's only been here a minute and I can't remember life without him

Miss BB


  1. awww congratulations! he is gorgeous :) x

  2. Awh khila he's gorgeous! Wish I could come down and see him lol!

  3. He's georgous and all these pics are making me very broody hope youre all settled :) x

  4. So precious, thank u for sharing xx how are you feeling? Still sore ill bet. All the best for a speedy recovery hun xx youve got your christmas miracle now. Xx

  5. Congratulations!! hes so cute. Takes me back to my little boy. Time really does fly. Enjoy every minute.
    Ashlie x

  6. Love the last pic, he looks so cute and snuggly in his lil pjs n socks. I totally know what you mean, when I had mine like the minute they was born it was like I could not remember life without them, its really strange. I love the first few hours when your on such a high and cant stop looking at them... aww i best stop im getting broody and 3 is enough :D Hes so gorgeous x x

  7. Aww, where did the time go?!


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