Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hey Boobs! Where'dya Go?

*Disclaimer - These are NOT my boobs! But I would be very happy if there were!*

I woke up today to a bit of a shock... my boobs seem to have disappeared OVERNIGHT! 
I big perk of pregnancy for me was the big boost in the bust department, I definitely enjoyed filling out my clothes that bit better and it made my huge bump less of an inconvenience.. a trade off if you will. Unfortunately as I am not breastfeeding my boobs have shrunk down to nearly their pre-pregnancy size just a week after birth so I still have a pregnant looking tummy but no big boobs to make up for it. I remember the first time around becoming a bit obsessive about this and even going as far as to order pills online that claimed to grow your breasts... needless to say I thought better of it and returned them but still..  the idea was in my mind. I can totally understand why people plump for a boob job at this time in their lives because the difference is so dramatic in such a short space of time.. I almost feel bereft over the loss. I will have to make my peace with it, I may have to treat myself to another Mama Mio Boob Tube to firm up what I have left. The whole situation has left me feeling rather deflated.

Miss BB

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