Monday, 14 November 2011


He's coming tomorrow. Tomorrow I am having a major abdominal operation. I am very much not ready for this!Everyone is so excited for his arrival and I just can't get there yet. Too Scared. TOO SCARED!! From midnight tonight I am on fast so no food or drink until he's out and I'm back in the ward. It's just 1 hour until then. I doubt I will sleep tonight, TOO SCARED! We've just about packed up for the hospital, I think I have everything I need but who knows.. I'm sure I'll have forgotten something. I've washed all of the baby bedding for when he comes home, His nursery is ready, everything is ready... NOT ME! I've taken a long, hot bath, I've scrubbed within an inch of my life and will shortly be smothering myself in shea body butter and attempting to relax.

Tomorrows post will be filled with joy and, if all goes according to plan, his first baby photo. For now I am in deep denial. I am not going anywhere tomorrow, nothing is going to be pulled out of me and I am not going to have a scary-looking incision to look after and need to be doped up on pain killers for the next few weeks. Nope! Nope Nope Nope!!!  

Miss BB


  1. aww well it doesn't matter if you are in denial at all because you can't prepare for it, you just need to turn up at the hospital and let the doctors do their thing! But once that is over you will have your lovely little baby that you have been wanting for so long and that will override all the nasty little parts. But make sure you get lots and lots of rest and get Lee to do all the hard work!

    Hope everything goes well and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics of baby Milo tomorrow!

    Fee xx

  2. hi khila its rachel, i can understandhow you feel i was the same when i had to have a big surgical op but today your going to be a mom of 2 and that will pull you through anything for the rest of your life. Xxx so close now babe youll be okay i promise you x

  3. Gosh its been a yr since i wrote that comment above!! almost. I cant believe it! Rachel


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