Monday, 3 October 2011

32 Week Bump

As always here's my monthly bump picture...
I keep meaning to do these more often now I'm nearing the end but even 4 weekly seems like a chore to fit in right now. Besides which I'm not sure I've own that much in the last 4 weeks (check my slide show on the right) so maybe monthly is enough. I am officially on leave as of today.. already feels so weird, like I'm pulling a sickie. I'm not quite freaking out yet but in total shock at how quickly the time has passed since I found out I was pregnant, he will be here in about 6 weeks and in just 2 weeks time we meet with our consultant to discuss the dates and plans... scary stuff. For those who don't follow her I had to give a shout out to Muhsine from Bubblegarm who gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Esra on Friday. I'm not dying for it to be over for me just yet but if this weather doesn't cool down soon I'm going to melt.

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