Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Pampering

Today I have treated my weary body to some much needed TLC. Last nights Halloween festivities really took it out of me and when my mum called to say Sunday lunch was off I'll admit I was a touch relieved. I stayed in bed an extra hour and took a long bubble bath. I used my Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish for the first time in months (such effort to cleanse in my opinion) which felt like a spa treatment in itself. I scrubbed my skin within an inch of its life with my new St Ives tub of grainy goodness, deep conditioned my hair and moisturised, moisturised, moisturised. I even had Ella slather my favourite Soap & Glory foot cream on for me (I sadly can no longer reach) and used my ultra rich face cream which just feels heavenly when you actually need it. I have been laying on the sofa dozing for the past hour and am seriously considering taking myself back to bed... why not? In a couple of weeks time that may not be an option. I am sore and achey and tired and I know that won't improve once he's here so I'm going to take this little time I have left for me and enjoy it while it's mine.

Miss BB

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