Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Week 34

This week my baby boy is 4.75lb and the size of an average cantaloupe... interesting? not so much.
But we're all getting very excited here. I'm still in shock that it's come around so quickly. He could be just a month away!! I ordered his cot and car seat yesterday.. we're very close to totally prepared for his arrival. I keep meaning to do my pushchair post and show you all the stuff we've got but I never get around it it.. this week I will try, I promise!
On the negative I am growing more uncomfortable. I'm still managing to get a decent nights sleep but my hips/pelvis constantly ache and if I stand or walk for even a few minutes I get cramp right at the top, inside of my leg. I remember getting cramp in my lower legs that would wake me up at night when I was pregnant with Ella but this is totally different. Hopping around Asda trying to stretch it out makes me look a wee bit crazy to say the least. As a result I've become somewhat of a shut-in. There are a couple of events coming up where I will have to leave the house but I should be able to sit for the majority. Otherwise wherever I can avoid walking/standing I am. We have another Midwife appt on Friday, some of you have suggested they may offer anti-inflammatory pills or even physio. I'd take just about anything right now I think.

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