Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Week 33

This week baby Milo is a Pineapple. That sounds painful! He's around 4.25lbs and should put on another half pound over the next 4 weeks after which the rapid weight gain should slow down. In 4 weeks he will be considered "Full Term" That's some scary sh*t! I've officially started my Maternity Leave now so I'm on the countdown to birth now.. It's daunting and I can't quite believe it's happening. You may remember it took me some time to really take it in when I found out I was pregnant because we'd been trying for so long.. well I feel a bit like that again now. I accepted that I was pregnant and was getting excited about the whole thing but I just can't imagine the baby being HERE.. like him actually COMING OUT! The more stuff we get the more real it feels and the more unbelieveable it is than in a few weeks we're going to have a BABY!

33 Weeks People! 33 WEEKS!!!

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