Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another Month... Another No...

So it turns out it was  just wishful thinking as Aunt Flow arrived just days after my last post :(
What was so odd was that she arrived almost a week early which is totally unheard of..
When something like that occurs I always think... maybe it's a symptom! Oh I am hopeless being so hopeful. It does me no good at all. I am ordering some ovulation predictor tests right now on trusty eBay so this month will be our first real go since the suregery.
I don't know if it can have worked it's magic yet but if it has we have a real chance of getting pregnant before Christmas. It wont be the end of the world if we don't and the longer it takes the less pressure there is to get divorced/get married asap but still...
It sucks waiting! As always, I'll keep you posted...


miss bb

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Is it just wishful thinking or could I be???
I have avoided symptom spotting where possible but some things are toi hard to ignore! Fatigue.. This can be put down to my new job, I'm on my feet all day for long hours.. This could also account for my sudden increased appetite!
But this is a big one,. I get this every month but not as long or as bad... Sore boobs!!! They are KILLING me! I actually woke up last night 'cause they hurt so bad... That has never happened before. So fingers crossed for me but I can't test for another week... Ugh! I hate being hopeful during the two week wait! It sucks when my AF arrives..
I think our best chance will be december, it will be four weeks since Lee's hospital visit so four weeks for that to start working!
Fingers crossed.. But not too crossed... Maybe..


Miss BB

Friday, 12 November 2010

To Hospital We Go...

So today was the fateful day, Lee went in for his Varicocele embolisation...
he was understandably nervous, they were going to put several coils in his scrotum :p

His wristband... note the date :)
nice keepsake

In this stylish robe waiting to go in..

They took him away in his bed and he was away nearly an hour and a half for what should have been a 10/15 min operation, I was a touch worried!... I was alone in his empty room..

Lee after the procedure.. He was right as rain, nothing to worry about!

To the extent we went out to dinner when he got out (note the wristband) lol

That was our day!
I will do a more comprehensive post when we know more but right now all we know is that 4 platinum coils were inserted into veins in his abdomen to clot the blood and prevent too much getting to the varicocele which would in turn overheat the sperm!!
All a bit technical but it can take 3-6 month to work so only time will tell!


Miss BB

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Op's Booked - Christmas Conception?

So we got the letter through the other day and Lee's Op is booked for Friday 12/11
He's obviously nervous but having looked at the alternative he is relieved its the embolization as opposed to the actual repair surgery he is having.

For those wondering what the hell a varicocele embolization is here's a snippet I stole from somewhere..

"Varicocele embolization is an image-guided procedure that uses a catheter to place a tiny coil and/or embolic fluid in a blood vessel to divert blood flow away from a varicocele.
A varicocele vein is an enlarged and lengthened vein in a man’s scrotum. It can cause pain, swelling and infertility. Varicocele embolization safely relieves that pain and swelling and may improve sperm quality for infertile couples."

It's a pretty straightforward procedure that's not very invasive and shouldn't require an overnight stay but he will be under "twilight sedation" which he's very excited about (he thinks he's gonna turn in to R-Patz lol) which apparently causes a kind of amnesia so you don't remember the procedure.. freaky right?

Anywho, he's in at 12 on Friday and hopefully I'll be able to get off work to go with him.
fingers crossed all goes as planned, we've done a little research and forum hopping and most people have had really great experiences.. pregnant within 2 months etc. The doc advised that it can take up to 6 months to start working so I'm trying not to get my hopes up but we could be looking at a Christmas conception?
A little baby Noel? Holly?
You never know!

Will keep you guys posted


miss bb

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