Sunday, 21 November 2010


Is it just wishful thinking or could I be???
I have avoided symptom spotting where possible but some things are toi hard to ignore! Fatigue.. This can be put down to my new job, I'm on my feet all day for long hours.. This could also account for my sudden increased appetite!
But this is a big one,. I get this every month but not as long or as bad... Sore boobs!!! They are KILLING me! I actually woke up last night 'cause they hurt so bad... That has never happened before. So fingers crossed for me but I can't test for another week... Ugh! I hate being hopeful during the two week wait! It sucks when my AF arrives..
I think our best chance will be december, it will be four weeks since Lee's hospital visit so four weeks for that to start working!
Fingers crossed.. But not too crossed... Maybe..


Miss BB


  1. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you! I remember when trying for my 2nd baby and it's so difficult not to read into symptoms x I'm a midwife by the way so if you ever wanna chat about anything let me know :) i follow you on twitter...beccaxx03 x fingers crossed x

  2. Sore boobs were my biggest symptom when I fell pregnant, so fingers crossed!


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