Friday, 12 November 2010

To Hospital We Go...

So today was the fateful day, Lee went in for his Varicocele embolisation...
he was understandably nervous, they were going to put several coils in his scrotum :p

His wristband... note the date :)
nice keepsake

In this stylish robe waiting to go in..

They took him away in his bed and he was away nearly an hour and a half for what should have been a 10/15 min operation, I was a touch worried!... I was alone in his empty room..

Lee after the procedure.. He was right as rain, nothing to worry about!

To the extent we went out to dinner when he got out (note the wristband) lol

That was our day!
I will do a more comprehensive post when we know more but right now all we know is that 4 platinum coils were inserted into veins in his abdomen to clot the blood and prevent too much getting to the varicocele which would in turn overheat the sperm!!
All a bit technical but it can take 3-6 month to work so only time will tell!


Miss BB

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  1. haha how funny- after his operation! lets go out for a meal:)


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