Monday, 22 October 2012

11 Months Old

For the happiest baby in the world little Mr Milo sure has been grumpy this week. This is the reason his update is a week late. I filmed the video update on time but just couldn't get a good photo for his 11 month picture and in the end had to make do with these. The picture below basically sums up his mood this week.. He's under the weather, poor thing, as he was sick today but I'm hoping it's just a bug and he'll be bright eyed and bushy tailed again tomorrow.. 'cause I've got to go to work.

Speaking of work I don't think I ever did an update on that so I'll try to get round to that soon but for those wondering it has been a much easier transition that I'd anticipated and he loved his childminder and the other kids there so anyone in that position right now nervouc bout returning to work.. don't be. 

Development wise it's tough to remember what he did last month, I think he'd just discovered pointing, well that's still a big form of communication but he know also claps and has learned some more dance moves including squatting up and down and 'the twist' which I think Grandma migt have taught him on the sly. He likes to crouch to do everything from eating to playing to pooping.. so that's new and he's now what I'd consider to be a fully fledged walker. He doesn't have many places to walk so for the time being he does laps of our house pausing only to try and sneak up the stairs (often successfully - bad Mummy! - not all the way though.. don't call social services.. please?)

He's been drinking cows milk during the day but he still has his formula morning and night with 2 solid meals in between a morning snack (rusk etc). I know it's cool to give them only cows milk from 1 but I think he'd miss it so I've ordered (Tesco online) some 'Growing Up Milk' to see how he likes it.. I think I'll stick to a formula bottle at bed time at least for the foreseeable future but might switch his morning bottle to regular milk to wean him off the formula slowly as well as cut costs.. babies are expensive! 

So next month my baby will be 1. I think he will be my last so this is doubly sad as the final phase of my baby momma'ing is about to be over, I will miss it but I hear boys stay 'babies' for longer so I'm holding out hope I can still swaddle him when he's 25.

Miss BB
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