Monday, 23 January 2012

Milo's Moved Out

Today marks one week since my little Milo bear moved into his own room. I hadn't intended to put him on his own so early but we'd left his crib at Grandma's and so thought we'd give it a go for a night... little did we know he would love it! He has his last bottle at around 10pm and then lies happily in his cot until he falls asleep. He NEVER did that in his crib beside me and he doesn't settle as easily when he knows we're n the room but when I peek in from his doorway he is kicking his legs and waving his arms, gurgling away contently, It's amazing! Night-times weren't great because he's such a fidget and I could hear every little noise when he lay beside me but now he is just perfect. We've had a couple of really good nights but he hasn't "slept through" yet, 10pm til 4am is pretty good going though and that's normal right now. Being in his own room also means that whoever isn't up with him gets a lot more sleep so that's a major positive but the best thing has to be the beaming smile he gives me when I go to get him in the morning. Everyone's happier when we're well rested and being in his own room is working for him as much as it is for us.

Our rooms are very close and it was all a bit unplanned so as yet I haven't bought a monitor.. I'm tempted by this deal on buyapowa right now though.. £34.99 down from £59.99!! I've been put off thus far because of the cost but there will come a time when I want to put him to bed while we're downstairs and for that I will definitely be needing one. buyapowa deals are timed so this link wont be relevant forever but for now if you want to buy this you can check it out here. I think I'm going to have to have it.
Miss BB

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2 Months Old

 2 months old? Already? I don't like this one bit! 
As you know Milo has suffered with colic and acid reflux. He's still not great and his sleeping is hit and miss but we do get the occasional good nights sleep (by current standards). In the last month he has been pushing himself up to stand against up , grabbing everything he can and is finally enjoying bath time. To soothe him we often use white noise such as the hairdryer.. in fact as I type this he is being lulled to sleep by a genius app playing him the sounds of a doppler.. what will they think of next? He is consistently taking 6oz bottles and is hungry all the time.. I can't wait to wean him on to solids.. I'm sure that will be the key to him sleeping through the night. He's just a very hungry boy. Ella absolutely loves him, she has infinite patience when we have none and will sing to him even when he is screaming at the top of his lungs. He's a serious headbutter, has been since he was born but recently he seems to have motive... he split my lip the other day.. I'm still not sure what I did to deserve it. I'm considering putting him in his own room.. everyone else seems to think it a great idea as he's a fidgety sleeper and I get him up when perhaps he would have slept through had i not heard him. I'm just not quite ready to let go.. he's too lickle!! Everyone is getting regular smiles now which makes his screaming fits a lot more tolerable.. it's very hard to stay made at him when he's so very cute. his eyes are still very blue. Brown is the norm for my family but Lee has green eyes.. they can take up to 6 months apparently to be the colour they will be forever but I'm hoping for green.. he already looks so much like his Dad I'd be really surprised if he didn't get that from him too. 

Overall month 2 has been the hardest so far and I'd really like it to remain that way. He will be teething before we know it and I'd like a little respite before then. My Mum has kindly offered to take him off our hands every Friday (thanks Mum) which we obviously jumped at so we do get one unbroken night of sleep a week and in all honesty I don't know how I'd survive without it. Lee's a huge help but I don't like him to do too much during the week as he works long hours and that's the whole point of maternity leave, isn't it? I know he feels like he should be doing more though which is tough for him. Hopefully Milo will get easier soon so life can get one step closer to normal again.

Miss BB

Friday, 6 January 2012

Bump - Before and After



Milo is nearly 8 weeks old. I was going to continue this post baby belly pictures and post this when I was totally back to my former shape but I think instead I am going to do before and after pictures from next week. As of right now I have done zero exercise to banish the bulge but am finally feeling up to it so from 8 weeks on I am on a mission. We have a vacation booked for 18th March and I WILL be in a bikini by the pool. That's just over 2 months away so it will be tough but I first wanted to share how much I shrunk down naturally for those worrying about gettin their figures back post pregnancy. I have just over a stone to shed to be back to pre-Milo weight but I'm not too worried about that.. more about the wobbly bits really.

Wish me luck!

Miss BB

Acid Reflux

Having never suffered from reflux as an adult I wasn't prepared for it in my baby. He was so fidgety and crying from nowhere, he went from perfect to far from it in about a week and we had no idea what was going on. We took him to the doctors who deducted he had Acid Reflux. He is worst in the evenings, though thankfully not at night (yet) and is more likely to be sick after laying flat. She prescribed infant Gaviscon (powder sachets to go in his milk) and suggested we keep him upright during feeding and as long as possible afterwards. At first his symptoms got better, I'd say almost immediately, he was a joy to have again.. and then they got worse. About a week in to taking the Gaviscon his uncomfortable evenings of inconsolable crying and sickness were back. That was at about 6 weeks I'd say and only now (nearly 2 weeks on) can I see a light at the end of the tunnel. The past few days he's been so sleepy, he still has his moments but he's easier to comfort and a lot less sick, he's no longer draining his bottle and is not crying for it as often as he was. I've concluded that he was having a growth spurt. He's absolutely massive now compared to just a few weeks ago and I vaguely remember the phases of constant hunger and being too tired to sleep from Ella being small. I hope to come back to you in a week and be singing his praises once more because the last few weeks have just killed us. My Mum has very kindly offered to take him off our hands every Friday night while we need her to (uuh.. forever?) and so I will leave you with just 4 letters...


Miss BB

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