Friday, 6 January 2012

Acid Reflux

Having never suffered from reflux as an adult I wasn't prepared for it in my baby. He was so fidgety and crying from nowhere, he went from perfect to far from it in about a week and we had no idea what was going on. We took him to the doctors who deducted he had Acid Reflux. He is worst in the evenings, though thankfully not at night (yet) and is more likely to be sick after laying flat. She prescribed infant Gaviscon (powder sachets to go in his milk) and suggested we keep him upright during feeding and as long as possible afterwards. At first his symptoms got better, I'd say almost immediately, he was a joy to have again.. and then they got worse. About a week in to taking the Gaviscon his uncomfortable evenings of inconsolable crying and sickness were back. That was at about 6 weeks I'd say and only now (nearly 2 weeks on) can I see a light at the end of the tunnel. The past few days he's been so sleepy, he still has his moments but he's easier to comfort and a lot less sick, he's no longer draining his bottle and is not crying for it as often as he was. I've concluded that he was having a growth spurt. He's absolutely massive now compared to just a few weeks ago and I vaguely remember the phases of constant hunger and being too tired to sleep from Ella being small. I hope to come back to you in a week and be singing his praises once more because the last few weeks have just killed us. My Mum has very kindly offered to take him off our hands every Friday night while we need her to (uuh.. forever?) and so I will leave you with just 4 letters...


Miss BB

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