Tuesday, 10 January 2012

2 Months Old

 2 months old? Already? I don't like this one bit! 
As you know Milo has suffered with colic and acid reflux. He's still not great and his sleeping is hit and miss but we do get the occasional good nights sleep (by current standards). In the last month he has been pushing himself up to stand against up , grabbing everything he can and is finally enjoying bath time. To soothe him we often use white noise such as the hairdryer.. in fact as I type this he is being lulled to sleep by a genius app playing him the sounds of a doppler.. what will they think of next? He is consistently taking 6oz bottles and is hungry all the time.. I can't wait to wean him on to solids.. I'm sure that will be the key to him sleeping through the night. He's just a very hungry boy. Ella absolutely loves him, she has infinite patience when we have none and will sing to him even when he is screaming at the top of his lungs. He's a serious headbutter, has been since he was born but recently he seems to have motive... he split my lip the other day.. I'm still not sure what I did to deserve it. I'm considering putting him in his own room.. everyone else seems to think it a great idea as he's a fidgety sleeper and I get him up when perhaps he would have slept through had i not heard him. I'm just not quite ready to let go.. he's too lickle!! Everyone is getting regular smiles now which makes his screaming fits a lot more tolerable.. it's very hard to stay made at him when he's so very cute. his eyes are still very blue. Brown is the norm for my family but Lee has green eyes.. they can take up to 6 months apparently to be the colour they will be forever but I'm hoping for green.. he already looks so much like his Dad I'd be really surprised if he didn't get that from him too. 

Overall month 2 has been the hardest so far and I'd really like it to remain that way. He will be teething before we know it and I'd like a little respite before then. My Mum has kindly offered to take him off our hands every Friday (thanks Mum) which we obviously jumped at so we do get one unbroken night of sleep a week and in all honesty I don't know how I'd survive without it. Lee's a huge help but I don't like him to do too much during the week as he works long hours and that's the whole point of maternity leave, isn't it? I know he feels like he should be doing more though which is tough for him. Hopefully Milo will get easier soon so life can get one step closer to normal again.

Miss BB


  1. Yay Milo! :) Cuter and cuter every day!

  2. Your children are soo cute! Good mummy!!
    The picture of Ella and Milo is sooo adorable! If I were you, that would definitely be on my wall in the living room! :)

  3. Hello. I was just wondering if you have tried cranial massage? It is fantastic. My son had TERRIBLE colic and was awake every half an hour day and night (with the very rare hour here and there). I could not recommend it more. Have a look online and see what you think. My son went from a very upset baby to a happy content baby two days after his treatment. I am not sure if you have tried colief either. That works wonders to. Also is their any history of dairy intolerance in your family? I discovered my son was dairy intolerant at 19 months. By then he had been through months of pain and hunger strike. I hope little Mylo is better soon. It is so horrid and you feel helpless. Hang in there. x


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