Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ella's Olive Branch

Ella holed herself away this afternoon in the dining room with her pencils and I'll admit we were both intrigued as to what she was doing as she was gone a while but when she emerged with this I was touched.
I've never thought she resented the baby but I have worried (as you would) that she may be jealous when he arrives. We've spent a lot of time talking baby recently as my pregnancy is nearing an end and I've felt a change in her. She's becoming more clingy and almost regressing, wanting to be baby again. I have tried to dial down the baby but it's hard so I was really pleased when she presented me with this.
Earlier she had come to me and asked for help spelling some words (don't think she's a Mensa class 6 year old, she did have a little help) but I wasn't sure what she was doing. Basically she's explained to me that it's an "article book" which I will have to write in because the baby can't. I think it's meant to be kind of like a diary but really.. only Ella knows. I really like how she's even lined the pages to be written on... that's attention to detail right there! Not to mention his name on the back cover.. spelt Milow.. awww! and a little love heart! So maybe she wont hate her baby brother after all. It's a legitimate worry I imagine most parents have when introducing another sibling, I may have to dedicate a whole post to it but in the meantime I'm feeling much more comfortable already.

let's have a close up on that shall we?


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