Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Week 32

First of all what is a Jicama? My baby is the size of a large one this week but I couldn't even hazard a guess! Any help?
Moving on... Ouch! My hips, my thighs, between my legs... Ouch! How did I get to my 32nd week of my second pregnancy without knowing your hips "soften" in prep for the birth? I felt a wee bit silly to say the least. It's only happened this week and boy am I glad I only have a week left at work.

Walking even short distances is really uncomfortable, I feel about 100 years old. We got our pushchair at the weekend... Very exciting.. Will be sharing with you all very soon! I can't think of anything else but get ready for posts a plenty once I'm off :)


  1. Jicama Looks like an onion shaped potato on google image...
    A large one is about 20inches.

  2. jeez! I'm gonna have a giant baby lol


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