Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Week 29

Wow.. Some symptoms have really kicked in this week. I've been growing increasingly breathless as time's gone on but now it's ridiculous! If I talk too fast I find myself panting and even standing for extended periods of time.. Getting frustrating now! In myself I am fine. I dont feel unwell at all or that pregnancy is preventing me from carrying on as normal but my every day activities are getting that bit more difficult. I am struggling to imagine growing even bigger right now when already I'm finding it hard to get off the sofa (lol) but I know I'm going to get much bigger before I'm done.

Babies are most active between 7pm and midnight apparently, I've found Zach to be quite the mover 24/7.. Hopefully that's not an early sign of a non-sleeping baby. Over my last 3 months of pregnancy he's going to grow from the 2.5lb he should be right now to the 7 or 8lbs he should be at birth. This means his movement will become less frequent as he is restricted by the space he's in and more uncomfortable for me for that same reason. I'm starting to get really itchy where my skin is stretching out. So far I'm stretch mark free and am keeping everything crossed I remain that way but every day he's getting bigger and I already feel fit to burst! As if the cellulite to my knees wasn't enough the threat of giant stretch marks is enough to keep anyone awake at night!

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