Saturday, 24 September 2011

This Time It's Personal

I was trawling eBay for personalised baby-wear and came across these cute taggy-toys. At just £4.99 each I couldn't resist and yes I know Ella is not a baby anymore but I couldn't buy one for the new baby and not her, could I? For the record she loves it, I figured it's just one of the many little things I will have to do to try and ward off the jealous sibling issues. Anyway I thought I'd share some pictures because I love them, they arrived super fast and they are such good value. For £4.99 you can also get their DOB under the name but obviously I don't know when Milo will arrive just yet so I stuck to just names.
If you're interested you cam buy them here
The seller also does blankets and other items, all embroidered and personalised, really sweet looking stuff so I will probably be buying more from her in the future.
Can you recommend any great online baby stores?


  1. I got something similar for my second son, and got my eldest to give it to him as a present when he was born. Super cute! Of course I had to get something for the older one from the baby too lol

  2. lol of course!
    I haven't decided what to get for Ella from the baby yet. Theres so much stuff she'd love but I'd rather get her something she will appreciate but she can keep. She loves anything with her name on it so probably something personalised. Being called Mikhila I love how easy its is to get personalised stuff now haha x

  3. aww these are so cute :D


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