Saturday, 9 April 2011

How sick is TOO sick?

For the last week I have felt sick all day every day. It has weaker and stronger times throughout the day but all the same... all day EVERY DAY and I'm over it! I dont remember suffering remotely like this when I was pregnant with Ella.. this has prompted many "psychics" to tell me I'm having a boy and against my sceptical, better judgement I am tempted to agree with them. So far this pregnancy couldn't be more different so what's a more different result than a baby boy? Anyway... back on subject.

To combat my sickness I've been doing a number of things. When I'm home I don't do a thing, I sip ginger ale over ice, once a day I take a motillium (anti sickness pill) I eat crackers and for the most part can't overeat or go too long without eating... ugh! chore! Today is Saturday and I've felt twinges of nausea today but for the most part (not to jinx it) I'm feeling pretty damn good. I am genuinely scared that I could feel terrible for another 6 weeks... I don't know how I'm going to cope with that but I have everything crossed that I've just had a bad week and the worst is over. 
Because I'm just nauseous and not actually sick no matter how long it goes on I know the midwife/doctor wont prescribe anything... it's just part and parcel of the whole baby deal but really... how sick is too sick? How long before it becomes unbearable?

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  1. I was the same, constant nausea but it was worse in the evenings. I found peanut butter on toast helped for some strange reason! I'm 20 weeks now, my nausea stopped at around the 11 week mark. We were told last week we're having a girl :-)


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