Friday, 29 October 2010

Bood Tests and Bad Days

Of all the bad days there have been recently... this has to be one of the worst!
It pretty much all round sucked.
I popped into work on my day off for a mandatory meeting where we were all informed our contract was ending and we will all be out of a job in 4 weeks time.. great!
My period was a day or two late... I took the test yesterday but couldn't help but remain hopeful... mistake!
I got the work and had a cuppa on an empty stomach which on occasion has made me nauseous but never sick. On this occasion I was... in the middle of the meeting where we all got our notice I had to run out to throw up. So there I am thinking OMG I could actually be pregnant when in fact it was just a mixture of the tea and stress. I feel worse today than ever. My period came OF COURSE...
prior to all that drama we went to the hospital to get Lees bloods checked..
Can I get an "Aww" ?
Bless him, he was a nervous wreck! But the nurse was a pro and he's since said he would give blood if he got a biscuit out of it LOL. I love him for going through this stuff without complaint so far.
As soon as we have the results (hopefully early next week) I will update you all.. in the meantime.. I'm not pregnant and in 4 weeks I'll be blogging full time :p


miss bb

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