Saturday, 2 April 2011

Due Date

I visited my midwife the other day and she confirmed my DUE DATE!

How exciting?
I have a follow up appointment in two weeks time when I'll have my blood taken *eek* and I'll be checked for anemia and such things that can flare up during ones pregnancy. My midwife told me I should receive a scan appointment before my next meeting and I really can't wait. The scan will make it feel more real.. when we can see our baby for the first time it will be magical :) She also said that at the scan they will tell me whether the date she gave me was correct by measuring the baby. It used to be that if the scan was within 5 days of the original due date given they would leave it as is but now it will be changed apparently. I know that wasn't the case when I had Ella, you wouldn't think things would change so much in only 5 years but so many things seem to have so far. Anywho... for now this is the date my baby is due... it may be early as I think I will have another C-Section and they are usually booked ahead of the expected date.

Until next time..


  1. aww:) My birthdays on the 16th:Px

  2. Aww Im due the 4th October! Little babies ready for Christmas! Good Luck xx

  3. Awww your due date is my dads bday :) :) xx


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