Wednesday, 8 February 2012

3 Months Old

Time flies when you're sleep deprived! 3 months old our little man and he's caused some serious havoc this month. Many nights sitting up at 4am when he decides he's had enough sleep, serious issues with wind and reflux.. I really cannot get puked on enough.. its great! And we've finally given in and started trying to wean. I know it's a month too soon but who are these people that say when is right? This kid cannot get enough food, he is ALWAYS hungry so I figured it was time. He's not loving it yet but we're taking it slow so that hopefully by the time he's 'officially' allowed baby food he will be ready for it. He also moved in to his big cot in his own room this month which was a massive turning point for us. Even when he's up in the night I almost feel like I'm getting too much sleep compared to the first 8 weeks of his life! This week he slept his first 9 hours (totally one off by the way) which was of course fantastic and I've started the "controlled crying" when he wont settle which seems to be working well. I leave him for 10 minutes, go back to settle him without lifting him out of his cot then leave him for 20 minutes.. I've never had to go back a second time yet so I'm hopeful that this method will be more effective having started early. Ella was an absolute terror at night until she was almost 5 so I am very aware that I do not want a repeat of that with Milo.

He is starting to roll but doesn't get much time of his back as he's always in his bouncer or being held but in his cot he often rolls on to his side while wriggling around. I keep meaning to get him a play mat.. I think developmentally he would really benefit from more floor time. His legs are still so strong, always pushing to stand and stamping his feet he's even taking 'steps' which I'm yet to capture on film but will blog about separately as I managed to get a few photos. And Milos third month also brought him his first snow just in time for Mummys birthday so that was nice. 
He's still a very wingey baby and always fidgeting, we think it's due to his colic and reflux issues but Lee is convinced he may be having issues with his milk. I'm considering a call to the health visitor to see if there's any advice they can give on other feeding options. I'll be keeping quiet about the early weaning though.. they're uber strict round here! I think That's about it for this month. I'm going to get out Ella's progress books and see what she was doing at this age.. will be interesting to compare and if there's anything good I will of course share with you all.
I'm really hoping that the fourth month update will bring happy news about sleeping through the night and self soothing but I'm a realist and am just happy to have this little bundle happy and well.


Miss BB


  1. You're trying to force him to grow up to quickly!!
    He's 3 months old, appreciate this time because he won't stay a baby forever and I really feel like you're pushing him to achieve things so much sooner than he should just so you can say 'Milo did this months before he should have'
    He can't walk, he's not even close to even wanting to walk, he's 3 months old, he's just kicking his legs out because it's a natural thing to do, not because he's going to be walking at 4 months and reading poetry at 6. And be careful what you feed him if you do start giving him more solid food, your chocolate pudding would have had eggs in it and do you know how dangerous that can be for a babies little digestive system? You'll leave him vulnerable to horrible infections and tummy aches. There's a reason they advise 4 months, they wouldn't say it if they didn't need to, but his digestive system still needs to develop and the next month is obviously important otherwise they'd say 3+ months. Maybe you were lucky with Ella but why risk it? Just make him another bottle.

    1. If you knew me AT ALL you would know that wasn't true. Milo is likely my last baby and if I had my way he'd stay tiny forever! Ella had an umbilical hernia so the doctors advised me to get her 'walking' as early as possible to build up her stomach muscles and draw it in. Because I did that she didn't have to have an operation, it's in no way harmful to a child to stand or take steps when held by a parent. It a sign that everything is developing as it should be, by no means do I intend to try and make him walk himself early. Boys are generally slower to develop than girls so I'm not trying to push him to do anything! You do make a good point about eggs though because I hadn't considered that but there are ways to say these things.. not quite as judgmentally as you did! With regard to early weaning he has a spoon or two a day.. we're not talking full jars, he's nowhere near ready but I'm introducing him to to more solid foods and there's nothing wrong with that. Some Mums are advised to start at 6 weeks (with the right foods of course) every baby is different!.. but it is perhaps safest to stick to baby rice mixed with his formula for now.
      I do wish that people like you that could offer genuine advice would be more constructive and less offensive, if you'd have worded that comment differently I would have really appreciated the information rather than resenting the tone.

  2. I had to wean my child at TEN weeks, advised by a midwife, does that mean I was trying to make her grow up faster? No, thats a really stupid comment. I started out with rice and really milky rusk. My baby wouldnt settle with just milk, so you are right in what your doing x Always do what you thinks best hun, hes your baby. Do some of these people think that in underpriveledged countrys moms worry about every single thing that we do, no they just do the best they can and so should we. Being a mother is hard enough without people telling you how to do things.

  3. Sorry if you found the tone off I think things can become a little hard to read online when you're not face to face with someone, so I apologise, normally I read my comments back before I post but i was so tired last night.
    Regardless of that, my comment wasn't stupid msbutterfly I'm entitled to think what I like and If you read back what I said, I commented on him growing up to quickly with the walking thing, and not with the food.

  4. It just sounded a bit condescending to me, everyone might be entitled to their own opinion and sure want to give advice - which fair enough the thing about eggs you could be right on. Its just Khila seems to be getting a LOT of people telling her in no uncertain terms that shes not doing things right, as a mother i see how that can really knock someones confidence and ability and bring them down. I never normally speak out against anyone, fair enough you say you didnt read it back and things are indeed hard to read online it can be easy to take offense, but it was how it started out with a statement that implied it. Anyway hope you all have a good day freezing here!

  5. Hello, I was just wondering what formula milk you were using? We used Sma Gold and it didnt agree with my little girl. It took 4 months to find out that was what was wrong. She went onto Aptimal Comfort milk for a week and then went onto normal Aptimal after that and was fine. We thought she was allergic to milk but it was just the formula. x

  6. oh my goodness, what a precious little angel you have there....
    sooo adorable!

    i really, really LOVE your blog hun! it's lovely and i'm happy to have found it today!

    newest follower! ♥
    follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

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