Saturday, 19 November 2011

In't Milk Brilliant?

When you have an elective Cesarean ahead of your due date it's usual to have to wait for your milk to come in. Your body isn't expecting to need milk just yet so it takes a while to catch up with itself. Today Milo is 4 days old and my milk arrived. I'm not planning on breastfeeding (you can see my post about that here) but when the milk is coming it does seem like such a shame to waste it. When the midwife came to visit yesterday she said Milo has a touch of Jaundice so it's important for him to feed every 4 hours (6 at night) and take at least 1oz of formula. When you need to monitor how much your baby is eating I am pleased we are bottle feeding. At first he was not taking much because he was so mucousy (common for c-section babies). He's gone from taking just 15/20mls in hospital to his record feed this morning of 100ml. I would never had known that had I been breastfeeding. He's a hungry little guy but he also sleeps a lot and I can relax (and sleep myself) knowing he's been well fed.

I'm not totally opposed to breastfeeding and I am considering giving it a go as a bonding exercise and supplement the formula feeds but I won't be replacing the bottle altogether. 

Now I must go as he is stirring and it's time for my pain killers (yay) 

Miss BB

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