Monday, 17 September 2012

10 Months Old

 I always struggle.. wait, do I start every update like this? lol. I think so but it's true it's hard to recall the little developmental landmarks from the past month when you come to write them down. There are really only a couple that come to mind for Milo's 9th month, He took more than two steps, 5 to be precise and is now walking a lot each day just never very far. He's becoming more interested in games and playing with others, he's always enjoyed interaction but now he seems to be getting in to the to and fro a little more. He started with the childminder as I returned to work this month so he's been in a whole new social environment and so far he's settled in brilliantly. No problems yet. The only other thing that jumps out at me is the dancing.. he dances to everything. I'm not saying he jumps on the floor and busts out some shapes, it's more bouncing, rocking and swinging his arms from side to side but every time he hears music of any kind he starts. It's cute.

As I've previously mentioned these pictures are getting harder to capture since he wont stay still for more than 10 seconds so it's a good job I only have 2 more! I intend to do occasional updates after his first birthday (which by the way we plan to spend at Hooters - but that's a whole other post) rather than monthly's but I will of course continue to blog Milo's progress once he reaches his 12 month.

Miss BB

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  1. Hi Khila. Ive spent the morning catching up on the whole of ur baby blog and i hav really enjoyed it. My little boy was born a month before Milo and reading through totally took me back to my pregnancy. My little man has a full head of blonde hair just like Milo, so cute :)
    Even though they r a month a part they seem to b reaching the same stages at the same time so its nice to c. I look forward to seeing wat he gets up to nxt :)
    x x


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