Sunday, 29 April 2012

Milo's First High Chair

When Ella was small my Mum bought her high chair and so I had no idea how expensive they could be. When it came to buying a high chair I sure wished I'd hung on to Ella's as it was perfect. It was height adjustable so she could sit at our level in the living room, it folded to store and the tray was removable. All that was great but better still if she fell asleep in it - as they almost all do at some point - it would tilt back so she could doze in comfort. I wanted all this for Milo but it turned out the equivalent chair now costs £120!!! Needless to say I wasn't willing to pay that so after looking at a lot of inferior options I took to eBay and found this bad boy for just £20 within driving distance. We got it last week and he hasn't been out of it since. He isn't quite able to sit up himself yet but is desperate to so it enables him to sit and play or eat or just sit and he loves it! It's a nice size and all the features mean it will grow with him and last us a long time.. here's the only photo I could find of Ella in hers, it was her 1st birthday...

There are small differences between the two chairs but they are essentially the same, the new one had just been just improved upon but for those wanting to know it's a Chicco Polly and the cheapest place I've found it is Amazon - link - for £89.70

Miss BB

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