Thursday, 19 April 2012

5 Months Old

Milo bear is 5 months old.. he promised me he wouldn't but he got bigger and if it's possible, even cuter. This month seems to have flown and it's hard to keep track of new development without regular blogging so month 6 will see more of that with one monthly summary update post. His eyes are still blue so we have to assume they're staying that way now, lovely for us as we have only brown eyed children in the family. He is looking more and more like his Dad every day but I continue to search for myself in him. He is still sleeping through the nights and I would have said he'd not slipped once had it not been for last night. He's showing real signs of teething now and another symptom is waking in the night. He woke at 2am, I comforted him and put him back down, he cried for 5 minutes and went back to sleep. He was fitful and whimpered now and then but for the most part he slept and it's the first night he's woken in more than 2 months. I will let you know whether this becomes a habit in a week or two. At 20 weeks he discovered his feet. He's always had a thing for his knees but his feet are his new favourite place o grab. He's not been too interested in putting them in his mouth yet but everything and anything else gets chewed. He has a penchant for hair pulling and grabbing faces and remains the most expressive baby I've ever met.

He will smile at anyone attentive and is now giggling lots. He's ticklish but it seems selective.. he has to be in the right mood and he is eating well. He drains every bottle and could probably do with two solid feeds a day now though we're only just getting in to that routine. He naps twice during the day, once mid morning and once mid afternoon, he's not always happy about it but doesn't usually take long to drift off. He loves to be held but that's my fault.. we cuddle too much so people tell me and he stays awake for walks now where before he would be asleep straight away. His hand eye co-ordination is much improved and he can take something from me now and play with his toys.. but he normally just wants to chew on it. He's trying to talk, he loves to squeak and shout and right now as I write this he's cooing in his pram while I wait for him to nap. He's still very strong and the walking reflex hasn't left him yet, he's dying to get moving but shows no interest in rolling or crawling. He pulls himself up to a sitting position but I think he needs more floor time to develop his movement. Of course I'd be happy for him to stay just as he is forever, 5 months is a lovely little bundle and he's no trouble.. I know the bigger he gets the harder it will be and I'm not ready to lose my baby yet. One last note... his hair wants to be a faux hawk and it's taking all I have not to dye it pink and shave the sides... but I wont. Maybe just some gel and coloured mascara?

Miss BB

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