Friday, 15 June 2012

7 Months Old

This month has been a big one for Milo, crawling, rolling and trying his darndest to talk. I shared the video of him crawling already but in case you missed it, here it is again..

This month was the first month that his monthly photo was tricky... he did NOT want to sit still.
He's off and about all over the place but he's still kind f frog leaping rather than crawling, he's been desperate to get around for a while though so he's a lot less frustrated now. Still no teeth and still no regular meals but this month I am really going to try. With Ella she didn't sleep well so I weaned her on to solids asap in a bid to keep her full through the night but Milo has slept perfectly since around 2 and a half months so I've not had the drive to take him off his milk yet. He still has 4 bottles a day and at the moment the only other food is a rusk that he feeds himself or the occasional powdered meal. I want to try him with bananas next week I think, everyone says that's a good starting food so I'm hoping he wont hate them like I do. 

I'm not sure there's much else to report other than he's still really strong with his legs. I can walk him around the house just holding his hands but he's been doing that for months, I fully expected him to forgo crawling altogether and just walk. He can just about pull himself up on furniture but he's not quite there.. he more pushes his bum up and stays on all fours.. It's like he'd prefer to crawl that way.. he doesn't really understand the knee shuffling yet but somehow he's still managing to get from A to B. I'm just about coming to terms with him growing up.. I so desperately wanted him to stay small forever but he's becoming such a little character I can't baby him forever. Besides.. he never really wants to cuddle anyway, he wants to be off doing his own thing.

Til next time..

Miss BB

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