Tuesday, 29 March 2011

5 weeks

Right now my baby is the size of an appleseed and weighs pretty much nothing.. Aww! It's barely a baby at this stage but here's what it should look like..

How exciting! It's like if I coughed to hard it would disappear lol.. I'll try to avoid that. I have already looked ahead at how quickly it develops and it's really amazing. I can't wait to see my tummy move and feel it kick... but all in good time, let's not wish it away when I've waited so long to get here.
You can expect weekly updates like this as well as my mundane baby brain ramblings.
I will be photographing my bump week by week and sharing my progress here.. This week will be the first one so look out for my bump post


  1. Awh Im so happy for you.. Im new to your videos the last 3 months and Ive to admit I love them.. there is only like 4 people I was on her everyday and your one of them. I love your honesty. Its so cool to see the picture of what your baby looks like now. Crazy how small they start out at. I can wait to have a baby myself but Im waiting for my other half to be ready. I will be watching out for your baby bumps blogs xxx


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