Saturday, 26 March 2011

Maternity Wear Fare...

So this week I've mostly been looking at the fabulous new maternity wear available now. When I had Ella Topshop had JUST started a line but it was tiny and not in my local store, dorothy perkins was my only option. It was nice but not exactly "hip" for my 18 year old self. This time around the styles and variety available are awesome... here are some of my picks...


 L-R (£) - 12.99, 18.99, 14.99


L-R (£) - 35.00, 10.00, 30.00


L-R (£) - 30.00,12.00,30.00

I love love love the choice available of ASOS but on the whole the prices aren't great, New Look is really great value so I will probably hunt for some asos bargains but get my staples from New Look. Actual maternity wear isn't entirely necassary of course and not really necassary at all until at least 5 months but I am hoping to pick up some pieces that will grow with my bump and I can wear over my baby weight for a while afterwards. I'm really loving the baggy, flowy tops trending right now.

Looking forward to shopping for a whole new wardrobe soon :) 


  1. Those are really cute :) in the US Target has an amazing maternity section, half the time the clothes there are cuter than the regular ones haha. Have fun with all this and enjoy.

  2. It’s a very good time to have such kind of links at this time of pregnancy. Mother should not worry what to wear at this stage .now it’s a very easy to enjoy this feeling of having a baby in your arms. I like your link very much and will suggest to all would be mother to enjoy this feeling with a good wear of dresses. Wishing all the best to all would be mother.formal maternity dresses


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