Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm Pregnant!

Ok, it's sunk in. I'm pregnant..
I can't believe it!!!
Seriously! I'm in shock but I do believe it now.. It's happening, finally! If I'm honest I'd pretty much given up hope at this stage and I think that's why it happened. I'd relaxed... I'd pretty much stopped trying altogether. I quit my stressful job and started temping, leaving work at half past 4, walking home, all very calm!
No pressure and suddenly what do you know... it happened! I am going to do a looooong post about all that happened with Lee's Varicocele soon for those interested because we got news about that too yesterday but it all seemed to pale in comparison to the BIG news! Anywho this was just a little rant of the day I guess but... yep.... still!


  1. eeeeee so happy for youuuu!
    you definitely deserve this.



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