Saturday, 3 December 2011

Grabby McGrabberson

That's my boy! Always Sleeping for Mummy!
He needs his rest as he's developing so quickly. A couple of days ago he started grabbing at things for the first time. He got the little ribbony loop thing inside my top, you know the one you use to hang things up? He's since discovered my hair... likes to give that a good tug. Rest assured I shall not be wearing earrings around him for a while.. ouch! Another little development milestone is that he follows us with his eyes now. He rarely focused on us before but now he can really look and turns his head if we move side to side. He's more alert every day and is awake for longer periods which is lovely. He's already growing so fast, I wish he could just stay tiny forever but I'll settle for him being the best behaved baby boy while he is still small. He will lay in his cot and just look around the room, I've never known a baby so content.
Fingers crossed he's just a really good baby and this isn't a passing phase.

In case you missed it here's his 2 week update that went live this week...

Miss BB

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