Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baby Bumpin' and Big Love!

You may have noticed my tiny slide show in my sidebar (I don't know how to make it bigger) well I added this picture to it this week and I thought I'd share a full sized picture. My bump has come out for all to see recently.. the difference in the last 4 weeks is just unreal. I feel huge already but I know I will be so much bigger towards the end. I'm feeling a lot more positive since my last post. I am fairly set on a C-section again as I was originally and since I made that decision I'm a lot calmer. I really appreciate all of you that commented and offered your moral support as well as those that shared their own experiences.. I would love to here from you if you've got some positive c-section memories to share with me (no horror stories please) Every message I get from someone advocating multiple sections makes me feel so much better!!!

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