Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pushchair Pondering

I am currently trying to decide between 2 buggies (prams/pushchairs/strollers) so I thought I'd share with you what I'm looking at and maybe you'd have some opinions. I set out looking for something that could be a chassis alone that could hold a pushchair attachment or a car seat for better portability in the early stages when you have to lug around so much junk it makes you want to never leave the house again. I knew there were such contraptions on the market because I'd seen them but little did I know how many there were to choose from and how huge the difference in price can be.
We went to see some in action last week and I think i have it pinned down to just two. Both very similar and I think I know which I'd prefer but here they are for comparison.

First up is the Sola from Mamas and Papas RRP £275

It can be fully rotated on the chassis to be rear or front facing as well as being a base for several brands of car seat and a carrycot fixture if you so wished. It has 4 wheels, I can tell you from having a go in store that it's VERY easy to manoeuvre and I really like the handle which as well as being very comfortable is extendable for the taller parents among us. It's not cheap as pushchairs go but it's not totally breaking the bank and right now there's 10% off online and a deal where by if you purchase the corresponding Aton car seat there's another £50 to be saved!
The car seat in £135 and can be found here

Next is the Quinny Zapp RRP £149.99
A little rundown on the zapp.. It obviously has a more modern looking 3-wheeled chassis. The pushchair attachment is rigid and you only have the option of front facing. The handles are more handle bars than one comfortable bar to hold and as far as I can tell they don't extend. As with the Sola is manoeuvres nicely and as Ella had a go in it I can account for it's stability with heavier children lol. It also has a carrycot attachment which you can purchase separately and it can also be used with a variety of car seats.
The car seat that is promoted as go-with is the Maxi-Cosi which can be purchased for £99.99 here

It is obvious which is the more financially appealing of the two but does that necessarily mean it's the one I should choose? I'm tempted to say that Sola would be more durable just because it's Mamas and Papas and I trust that brand to deliver high quality products. I've never had any first hand experience of anything Maxi-Cosi or Quinny but Ellas pram was Mamas and Papas and we literally ran it in to the ground because I didn't drive and therefore walked EVERYWHERE. It got some serious hammer and lasted really well. Both of these buggies are offering what I set out to find but should I plump for the cheaper, better looking Zapp or take a chance on the Sola, more expensive and not bad looking but likely to last longer if we did want to have another baby or pass it on to someone who was.

If any of you have any experience of either of these or just want to share your opinion please leave me a comment below :)

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