Monday, 2 May 2011

creature gorgeous crib

I discovered "creature gorgeous" through her wedding blog when searching for something but I've been absolutely glued to her post-wedding blog, pregnancy and baby posts. She is so stylish but minimalistic, she has great foodie posts and her baby is just adorable! you can check out her lifestyle blog HERE
from there you will see a link to her wedding blog which although not relevant to this blog is still worth a look... but I warn you that you may just die of jealousy because her wedding, dress and rings are all beyond beautiful!

Anyway on to the purpose of the post... the crib! On her most recent blogpost she showed the crib she recently purchased and I am totally in love.
It's from IKEA, called "somnat" and at the bargainous price of £50.04 I am sorely tempted to rush out and buy it tomorrow. The colours I have chosen for the baby's room so far are cream and a kind of mid-green colour so it would be perfect and it's so cute in creature gorgeous's pictures. You can spend sooo much money on a crib and it's so ridiculous really, I mean unless you have oodles of cash to spend then they all do the same job so why shell out several hundred £'s when it's really not necassary? This is quite possibly it.. I think the search is over. 

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  1. I saw this in my local Ikea yesterday and the pic doesn't do it justice! I'm eyeing it up in either pink or blue for when I know what I'm having x


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