Thursday, 5 May 2011

Water Water Everywhere

This week I cannot get enough water!!! People keep saying its a boy and I believe them.. Lots of people say you crave healthier foods when carrying a boy and I really am!! I am drinking nothing but water and I dont want any of my usual fizzy drinks ... It's so strange. I haven't had a cup of tea in weeks as it makes me sick now and I used to drink it all the time. Have any of you mums/mums to be had un-characteristic cravings? My first pregnancy was so different.. This is bizarre!


  1. Omg my cravings were mad, I craved ice like nobodys business and would make my bf drive round asda at silly oclock for a bag of ice hahaha, I also craved the smell of bleach and pine stardrops was constantly cleaning the bath n toilet (niceee) oh and i craved really minty stuff to like extra strong mints and chewing gum n i hate that stuff normally. Pregnancy is a crazzzzyyyy thing, but so worth it in the end :) x x

  2. For my first child (son) I couldn't get enough peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was nuts! Thats all I ate for about 6 months. For my second child (son) I ate lots of roast beef which is was so so so so nuts because I DONT EAT MEAT!!!!!

  3. With my first (girl) I craved chocolate, and would even get up in the night for it. This time round I am having a boy, and I have mostly craved meat. In the first 12 weeks though I was really odd about water just wouldn't touch it, but now at the end of the pregnancy I am having loads.


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